Tuesday, December 14, 2021

McFadden - prohibited from talking to Supt?

At 10:08PM tonight, watching from home, I heard Trustee McFadden say that she has been "excommunicated" and prohibited from speaking with the superintendent.

What the heck is that about?

I tuned back in and had missed her comments just before that. It was during the discussion of a review of Board policy BEDB - Board Agenda. I'll listen to it again tomorrow.

While the camera was off Trustee McFadden, she left the meeting. Her departure should have been mentioned by the Chair, but it was not. Another failure on Holmes' part.

This is outrageous.

And right after that, there were motions to add topics to be the next agenda. Watch Holmes while Trustee Agostini is making a motion for a topic to be added to the next agenda. Holmes is staring into space and NOT listening attentively to Trustee Agostini.

Trustee Agostini made a motion. Then Holmes asked if that was a motion. What does she think it was? She was spaced out and just not listening. Her job as Chair is to listen. If she is not going to do that, she should get out of that Chair and resign.

Well, Holmes isn't even really a legitimate board member, and she shouldn't be chair! Manning knew that when he nominated Holmes for Chair on June 29, 2020. Big mistake. He has got to be regretting that. Or he should be.

And listen to Caution-Parker. She was nasty to Trustee Scott. Just totally NASTY. If this was still the 1800s, there would have been a duel at 10:45PM in the parking lot.

Unfortunately, the majority, The Squad, is secure until November 2022 - unless Holmes and McKie get removed from the board for not being legitimate members and that one other trustee is confirmed as no longer residing in the District. 

A Bully's Tactic

Recently the Lexington-Richland 5 School District wanted a new superintendent, and so it hired one. Only it didn't.

It contracted with a business to run the school district. It contracted with HeartEd LLC, Akil Ross' education consulting firm, according to The State newspaper.

A former school superintendent, Stephen Hefner, and others didn't like that move, and a complaint was filed with the district's accrediting agency, Cognia..

And what is the response of Lexington-Richland 5?

It is suing the former superintedent.

The State's updated article yesterday included this statement. "Board member Nikki Gardner argued the lawsuit needed to move forward to deter politically motivated action agains the board and the superintendent."

She is wrong! Her position has a chilling and silencing effect on a statements, comments and opinions of those who disagree with decisions made by a school board. 

A school board should hire only a live person who is personally and individually accountable for his actions.

Next we'll have principals and teachers who want the district to contract with their corporations. And, after that, a student will incorporate a business and have it show up (or not) for classes and tests. How would you ever administer detention to a student's LLC?

Check out the homepage for L-R5: lexrich5.org  The first link that caught my eye was "Meet the Candidates for Superintendent".  Aha! The undated page includes "Dr.Akil E. Ross, Sr." Looks like his consulting firm is NOT a candidate. The other candidates ought to make a big deal out of that!!!

Why is that link even on LR-5's homepage?