Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Safety Committee Meeting 5/2/2023

The Safety Committee of the Richland 2 School District met yesterday (Tuesday, May 2, 2023). 

Five Committee members in attendance were Angela Nash, chair; Lashonda McFadden, board member; McGee Moody, parent participant, Marq Claxton, R2 director of safety & security; Capt. Verlon Rhodes, RCSD liaison.

Four Committee members were absent, judging by the empty chairs and places set: Monica Scott, board member (she apparently was attending by telephone but did not speak up until 37:45); female parent participant, whose name is unknown; teacher-of-the year (name?); ; and an unknown fourth person. (Three places were set to the left of the head table.)

The committee heard a presentation about metal detectors by Will Anderson, R2 Chief Operations Officer. His presentation begins at 5:00 on

In 26 random (pop-up) screenings since February 2, 2023 there were 21,796 students screened. 21,756/26 = 856 students per school (average). What percentage of students attending those schools was screened?

The following were found: 1 gun, 1 taser, 1 pocket knife, 1 screwdriver, 1 ½-pair of scissors, 1 sharp edge weapon, 9 keychain mace; also, vapes, drugs, marijuna [sic], alcohol.

Staffing required for those 26 pop-ups were 241 school personnel; 111 contracted security; 181 R2 (security) Officers.

Only the direct cost for contracted security personnel was disclosed: $21,805.48. $21,805.48/111= $196.12 average for each contracted security person. $21,805.48/26= $838 average for contracted security per screening.

The indirect costs for 241 school personnel and 181 R2 Officers was not estimated; nor was the cost for the equipment, transportation, etc. HOW MUCH WAS THAT?

See the estimate of costs at 10:57 on the livestream recording. For five high schools (only), $2,601,576 for 2023/2024 school year.

At about 37:45 Trustee Scott was recognized with a question, and the committee chair said she was attending by phone. About time! She stated emphatically that teachers will not be asked to "man" the metal detectors. She referred to conversations she has had with teachers and said they are "very fearful" they will be asked to do so.

My response to that is that many teachers will be ready to man metal detectors. We have to stop living in fear!