Sunday, August 20, 2023

Release Time for Religious Instruction?

The following email has been sent to Richland 2 board members and the superintendent:

Before more board time is devoted (wasted, in my opinion) to the Religious Instruction movement, may I suggest that a survey of parents be conducted to determine the extent of interest? offers a fast, easy survey tool.

I side with Rabbi Case and the former principal who spoke at the August 8th board meeting. This is a bad idea. Religious instruction should be conducted outside of school hours, regardless of Federal and State laws that permit school boards to allow it.

Those who spoke in favor of it would turn Richland Two into a gospel-preaching district and will vilify those who do not participate. It becomes one more division between people. 

Has Supt. Moore offered an feasibility study of the workload (and cost) on staff to implement and maintain such a program? Who is going to track the kids for timely return to campus, security screening, and re-entry to the classroom? What is the District's cost to discipline those who abuse the "choice"? The troublemakers are not going to ask to be released for religious instruction, so they won't benefit habit-wise or goals-wise.

The religious parents will love it. Will they be the ones providing on-time transportation in both directions? 

In the grand scheme of things, aren't there many more-important issues for the school board to address?