Friday, April 8, 2022

Only 84 more days; NOT 10 Years

Hey, I guess I'm really lucky.

My ban from ALL Richland 2 properties is only for 84 more days.

Just think; it could have been ten years! Good thing the Academy Awards "slap" was after January 25, or it might have given Marq Claxton and Baron Davis bigger ideas.

And Mrs. Pamela Davis didn't even slap me. But she did shout and disrupt the room before the meeting started. It felt like a slap. I mean, I backed up - fast!

I remember almost feeling sorry for Baron that night. If she yelled at me for a little thing like my introducing myself, then what it must be like in the Davis household. 

The first board meeting in July will be Tuesday, July 12. Join me at R2i2. By that time there will be a new board chair. Which one of the Core Four will be elected on June 28? McKie will still owe $57,100 to the South Carolina Ethics Commission. Holmes will have just finished a disastrous year. Manning? He knows the ropes but needs more chalk on his hands (to stop slip-sliding around). Caution-Parker will tell us again and again about her 40 years of "service" (existence) at Richland 2. 

As to the "slap". Too bad Will Smith didn't knock Chris Rock down with a solid right to the chin. Rock definitely hit below the belt with his not-so-humorous jab at Jada Pinkett Smith.

Where is the 4/7/2022 Video???

This morning I could not access the recording of last night's board meeting, and I submitted an inquiry through the Let's Talk function on the District's homepage.

This afternoon I received this response:

"Thanks for reaching out. There was an issue with the upload to the live stream. The video for the April 7, 2022 meeting is being processed for uploading on the Richland Two YouTube channel. It should be posted by tomorrow."

Last week I raised the question about why it was no longer possible to copy the YouTube recording into and select out a portion of the recording for a comment.

This is the response that I received on March 29th to that inquiry:

"The district's media production team recently standardized the settings for all videos uploaded on the district's YouTube channel. This standardization ensures that, no matter which member of our team uploads a video to the district's channel, we will apply the Video Details settings consistently and in line with our best practices."

What do I think really happened? I think the District changed the YouTube settings to prevent others and me from selecting embarrassing portions of meetings and placing a link in our messages and blogs, while allowed a reader quickly to access the specific portion of the meeting. 

The District didn't just "standardize" settings for uniformity of staff; it changed settings.

What chance is there that fiddling with the setting interfered withthe prompt posting of last night's video? It seemed to me that the live recording did not begin before the meeting was called to order. The Board was 25 minutes late, and I thought the live recording started after Vice Chair Manning called the meeting to order. He was saying something about Holmes' absence, but I didn't hear the reason.

I did hear her dog bark at one point, and Holmes was inattentive at times and not able to respond promptly and vote without prompting. That's our $400/meeting Chair for you. How many meetings has she missed (in-person)?