Friday, March 5, 2021

Wakanda Salute - it's not here, is it?

Read this article about two 30-year teachers who were fired because they refused to follow other sheep off the cliff by giving the Wakanda Salute.

Click here to read this article.

Is that or similar nonsense occurring anywhere in Richland 2? 

See the discussion in the article about the difference between equality and equity. 

Is Richland 2 conducting "implicit-bias" workshops? What happens to teachers or staff who refuse to participate in "re-education" programs? Are you ostracized? Do you get lunch duty for 60 days? Or worse?

If you know about any of this, but are unwilling to speak out for risk of retaliation, contact me by phone or email. Confidentiality is assured. Nothing you tell me will ever get traced back to you.

When I lived in Illinois, I wrote a blog and numerous law enforcement officers were confidential sources of information. The county sheriff and a few police chiefs were going nuts trying to uncover the leaks, but they never did. Who was my hero? Judith Miller, that NYT reporter who sat in jail for refusing to reveal her sources!