Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ethics Commission Woes - former Lex. One SD board member

Read this excellent article on The Lexington Ledger website (www.swlexledger.com) and see if some of the notes don't sound like a familiar tune to you.

Former Lexington One school board member Sandra Backman ran afoul of South Carolina Ethics Commission rules over a span several years. Her woes are detailed in this article. If you are leery of clicking on links, go to the Ledger's website and scroll down for the 4/7/2021 article.

Backman's problems were different than those of the Richland 2 School Board member whose ordeal, fines and penalties have been mentioned here many times. But the end result for Backman was a fine of $41,250 and a judgment against her filed in court.

Richland 2's own Amelia McKie has run up a bill of $51,800 (as of 2/8/2021) with the Ethics Commission and a judgment in the Richland County Common Pleas Court. It's time once again to query the Ethics Commission as to whether any payment - ANY payment - has been made toward her judgment. As of 2/8/2021 McKie had not paid even one penny toward her fine and judgment.

McKie still has never taken the oath of office legally and is, therefore, not a legitimate member of the Board. For whatever reason, though, the Board allows her to sit at a Board desk, attend executive sessions, vote of Board matters including confidential student discipline matters, and get paid every month, as well as receiving perks and expenses.

The Day of Reckoning is approaching for both McKie and Teresa Holmes. Holmes is in the same predicament as McKie, because she too has never taken the oath of office legally. I am wondering how they will look a Circuit Court judge or a S.C. Supreme Court Justice in the eye and explain why they believe they are legitimate board members. Both took the oath of office on November 13, 2018, three weeks before they were eligible to do so. They'll get laughed right out of the courtroom after answering just one question.

That question is, "Isn't it true that you took the oath of office before you filed your Statement of Economic Interests Report with the South Carolina Ethics Commission?"