Thursday, January 6, 2022

Is CRT in Richland 2 Schools?

Read this article titled "Applying CRT in Lexington and Richland County Public Schools". "CRT" is Critical Race Theory.

You know - that "thing" that is not taught in Richland 2 schools, according to Helen Grant and Teresa Holmes.

Author Freddy Hill explains that CRT is practiced and applied to K-12 students, not "taught" to them. CRT is done "to" students.

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy is mentioned, too.

Theorist Richard Delgado and one of his books are mentioned. Delgado's name was pronounced "Degaldo" by Helen Grant, Richland Two's "expert" on culturally relevant teaching who could not answer a question from a board member about what Critical Race Theory is.

A whole section in the article is devoted to Helen Grant, "who works with Lexington District 2 schools, while working officially for Richland District Two"

What? For the salary that Richland Two pays Helen Grant, they don't get her full-time efforts?

The article also states this: "Dr. Helen Grant also will discuss gender issues with students who are thinking they are not the gender they were biologically assigned at birth."

Helen Grant has a law degree - a J.D., so she wants to be addressed as Dr. Grant. How many students go "Dr. Grant" to discuss gender issues and think that they are talking to a doctor? Why does she have any student contact at all?