Friday, June 5, 2020

George Floyd - hero? martyr? Really?

The world is going crazy right now over George Floyd's death. Riots, arson, assaults, batteries, mobs, killings, violent protests. And, yes, even a few peaceful demonstrations.

Why am I posting this video? Because Richland 2 school district has a very high percentage of black students and liberal viewpoints.

Watch this video. Candace Owens gets it right.

News is reporting that $13,000,000 has been raised - so far - in a GoFundMe account for George Floyd. Seriously?

I wonder how much has been raised for Capt. David Dorn in St. Louis. Oh, you don't recognize that name? Click on the link.

As this year's graduates of Richland 2 high schools set off into the world, what good will they do? Will they try to correct the damage that has been done by the "George Floyd Movement"? Can Richland County become the epicenter for sanity and spread out to create good and dispel the violence and separation being spewed by the mouthpieces in front of the cameras at Floyd's ceremony?