Thursday, February 4, 2021

Ed.D. = Dr.?

I had occasion to look up a Richland One elementary school today for a reply to a reader. YES! Readers do write to me. They know I will never repeat what they say in a way that can identify them, as they wish to avoid any "special attention" that might result in retribution or retaliation or other disfavor toward their children in Richland Two. And I will never identify them without their explicit permission.

When I looked up Brockman Elementary, I saw the Principal's message and name. She is Mrs. Sharonda Giles, Ed.S. The only grammatical improvement I would offer is (Mrs.) Sharonda Giles, Ed.S.

The very first thing I noticed is that she did not elevate herself with a title! And Richland One knows how to hire a great person without a doctorate as a principal.

I would suggest to the Richland Two school board that it review its practice of identifying non-teaching persons as "Dr.", when the degree that they hold is Ed.D. (or any doctorate). 

Of course, the Richland Two school board will never go for it, because of the three board members who hold the doctorates that were issued many years ago. 

One school board member proudly stated recently that she has 40 years' experience. I immediately wondered if she meant one year of experience - 40 times. Did she become a better educator every year or was she like the geology professor I had in college who taught the same course year after year and never changed a thing. It could have been a recorded lecture. Of course, rocks don't change from year to year, but students do.

During school board meetings would you rather hear the Board Chair call on "Trustee _____" or "Dr. ____"? My choice is, skip the Dr. They are all equal as Trustees. And the same with the superintendent. He can be Supt. Davis, not Dr. Davis.

Please comment below (if you are brave enough). Or write to me at  Your name will not be published without your permission, which likely means "will not be published".

Does BLM hurt black students?

Read this article about Carol Swain on

Of course, if I said anything like that around here, I'd be labeled a racist. In fact, racial motives for my continuing to call attention to the illegal status on the board of Teresa Holmes and Amelia McKie have already been alleged - in writing.

Their being black doesn't have anything to do with it. If they were white or brown or red or yellow or green, I'd still be after them until the take the oath of office and become legal members of the School Board.

Swain is mentioned in the new video called "Uncle Tom", which can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video, among other places. 

Is the BLM curriculum destructive to the black community? Swain suggests going to its website and seeing how it does not benefit our society. 

It's Black History Month. A good time to determine what's right and what's not.