Friday, August 4, 2023

DEI in Richland 2 - now?

What have you heard about DEI in the Richland 2 school district for 2023-2024?

Will there be more emphasis? Less? The same? Will the DEI Department continue? Grow? Shrink? Vanish?

It was concerning to me that the superintendent-search firm recommended a group out of which the three finalists all presented DEI strengths. Where was the diversity? Either presented by the search firm or selected by the majority of the board?

Are parents going to have to fight this year about gender identity, pronouns, secrecy for students who think they want to be the other gender (and don't you tell my parents, either), which boy wants to be in which girl's shower room?

Will parents have to fight The 1619 Project? Revisionist History? Socialism?

Will everything be racism? Whiteness? Victimhood?

What will the discipline problems be this year?

Does anyone really think that metal detectors will solve the entire Safety problem?

Let's start off the 2023-2024 school year with lots of comments below.