Friday, March 13, 2020

SC for Ed walk-out, March 24

At the March 10 Richland 2 School Board meeting there was absolutely ZERO discussion at the Board level about the teacher walk-out planned for March 24.

If you would like to hear what I told the Board about this on March 10 at the board meeting, go to and view the March 10 Board Meeting. Advance the counter to 0:26:17 for my remarks to the Board about the March 24th SC for Ed walk-out.

What will happen in Richland Two on March 24? Will it be like last year? Richland 2 said it wasn't going to close and, then, the day before May 1, 2019, Richland 2 caved. It just could not fill 600 teaching positions that were going to be empty because so many teachers took "personal days".

This year one school district has already caved in. Chester County School District has announced that classes have been canceled for March 24.

Contact your school's Principal AND Supt. Davis to express your opinion. Teachers are under contract to work. That's what they get paid to do.

There is no infringement on their right to express personal opinions to their legislators, and they should do so - on their own time.

Last year the District never reported its loss for that walk-out. Nor did it report on the disruption to families, when students were not allowed to attend school. This forces many parents to take days off or hire baby- or child-sitters.

Tell your child's teacheres to write letter, send email, make telephone calls (after school hours), visit their legislators after school hours, and NOT to discuss their walk-out in the classrooms.

A teacher is allowed a certain number of personal days during the school year. These are for medical and dental appointments, etc. When 600 teachers take the same day as a "personal day", that's a walk-out, a work slowdown, a strike.

The Board should have directed the superintendent to order the teachers to be at work. It didn't. Maybe it's time for a new board. Remember them in November, when three Board positions will be elected.