Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Public Participation - 12/14/2021

The Public Participation segment of the December 14, 2021 meeting being at 1:28:08 on the recording.

Holmes read her threatening warning once again. This time she added "gossip" to the prohibited comments. While the word "gossip" is actually mentioned as a prohibited category for speaking, has there ever been a Public Participation segment when a speaker repeated gossip? Not in any of the board meeting I have attended in three years!

Nor have I ever heard any of the other prohibited categories mentioned: defamatory words, or abusive or vulgar language.

I wish I could say the same for comments by certain board members during and after meetings.

Please listen to the comments. If you can't be at the meetings, this is where you hear parents and community members unload on the board.

Occasionally, you'll hear a "friend" of the board stand up and praise the board. Decide for yourself how "real" those comments are.