Monday, August 3, 2020

Is there some mistake?

Didn't both Amelia McKie and Teresa Holmes recently say at board meetings that the only thing the board does is hire (or fire) the superintendent?

This information below appears on the District's webpage where the agenda for a board meeting is found. Will someone please inform McKie and Holmes? The role of a board member is much more than just hiring or firing the superintendent.

One of these days, soon perhaps, the school board may have seven legal members. All that McKie and Holmes must do to become legal members of the board is take the oath of office. They filed their Statements of Economic Interests (late) on December 4, 2018. On that date they became eligible to take the oath of office.

Unfortunately, they have not taken the oath of office legally, and so they are not yet legitimate members of the board. When will the Board correct this?

In Richland School District Two, seven board members are responsible for a general operating budget of about $245 million, roughly 3,700 employees, more than 27,500 students (including pre-kindergarten) and 40 schools and centers.

Richland District Two board members are elected for four-year terms and have responsibilities that include:

*Securing money for operational needs and authorizing major expenditures
*Determining budget priorities and building needs
*Setting educational standards and goals
*Reviewing and evaluating all phases of the district’s instructional program
*Formulating and enforcing policies