Sunday, November 6, 2022

Your "board member on the move" - You know who.

From the Report of the State Inspector General, Page 43:

"Board member discussion of parental involvement

"The SIG identified derisive comments among Board member text messages. This was especially true in a group text message among Board members McKie, Manning, Caution-Parker and Holmes for the period of 6/14/22 – 8/5/22. 

"An example of the Board members’ disregard for the parents of District students occurred on 6/16/22 and the inaction of safety and security ad hoc committee chaired by Board member Scott. At 8:17 on 6/16/22, Dr. Holmes group messaged: 

“That's why I said in Exec. Let's just push forward. We do not need parents to decide. I think to let them fill [sic] involved we simply hold a parent only input meeting no committee members from them. That way they all were heard but we are moving on.”

The I.G. did not comment at this point on the illegality of such a group text involving four members of the school board. That's a majority of the board, although not a quorum (five).

Holmes clearly reveals her position that parents are not important. Just throw them a bread crumb and consider them fed. 

Teresa Holmes holds the record for the most-mentioned school board member in the Report. Her name appears 92 times.