Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Solomon Reveals $80,000,000 in R2 bank account

Richland 2 taxpayers will be happy to learn that Richland School District Two has $80,000,000 just sitting around unused in a bank account. They can use it to pay teachers and administrators for the time it takes to admonish some little kiddo about not wearing his mask.

Attorney Carl Solomon revealed that during oral arguments on behalf of Richland 2 before the South Carolina Supreme Court. Did he try to lead the five justices to think that money was just sitting around, unneeded, undesignated, just waiting to be spent? Did he think, "Oh, they're just judges; they won't understand finances"?

Obviously, Richland 2 doesn't have an $80,000,000 slush fund. Or does it?

Where did the superintendent find Solomon? And Hutto? Why wasn't the attorney for the school district, Kathryn Mahoney, in on this lawsuit? How did the superintendent sign up Solomon and Hutto without the board's approval? The board got its money's worth with Hutto on the pro bono deal. I learned a long time ago that legal advice is what you pay for it.

Why did the superintendent even start the lawsuit without the board's specific approval?

Or did the board give him a wink and a nod in the executive session? If so, that's called "taking an action", which is prohibited in executive session.

And for that, every board member, including the two trustees-elect who have been allowed to act as board members, who approved Manning's Motion should be held accountable and tossed off the board. You'll remember that Trustee Agostini voted No on Manning's most-carefully crafted Motion. 

At the next board meeting the board should be quizzed in detail about that $80,000,000. Did Carl Solomon misrepresent that money in Richland 2's bank account?

I hope you didn't miss Solomon's statement to the five justices of the S.C. Supreme Court, when he said, "It ain't [sic] about the money." He wasn't using slang. As soon as he said it, he probably thought, "Oops!"

S.C. Supreme Court - LIVE

Watch the action in the S.C. Supreme Court LIVE today at www.scetv.org/live/supreme-court-south-carolina

First up was the case by the City of Columia. It started at 10:15AM.

You would think the courtroom would have been packed. There were only about eight in the courtoom, in addition to the attorneys.

The Court recessed at 11:05AM for a 15-minute break.

The Court should toss the case by Richland 2, because it was never authorized by the Board of Trustees. Read the Motion made by Trustee Manning. It does not mention filing a lawsuit. I wonder if the A.G. will ask for it to be dismissed.

But that didn't happen. Maybe getting the case tossed is something that was motioned before the hearing?


The Richland 2 case got started at about 11:20AM. Attorney Solomon kicked things off for Richland 2. He and Attorney Hutto split their 20 minutes. It was nap-time right after Hutto started. Was that his first show before the S.C. Supreme Court? Why in the world did Supt. Davis pick him?

It was interesting to observe the five S.C. Supreme Court justices. They had great questions.

And they gave me some great ideas for a possible upcoming case.