Sunday, January 10, 2021

Should Ethics debt keep person out of office?

Many bills proposed by lawmakers aren't worth the paper on which they are written. However, check out H.3520 (sponsored by S.C. Rep. Bruce Bryant (R - Lake Wylie)) and S. 188 (sponsored by S.C. Sen. Greg Hembree (R - Myrtle Beach)). 

According to the Post and Courier these bills "would bar people from running for office if they have outstanding ethics fines, which seems like a reasonable way to either get all those ethics deadbeats to pay their fines or else get them out of office."

Contact your State Representative and State Senator this week. Ask them to co-sponsor these bills. Ask them to support them. ASK them if they will support these bills. Pin them down. Ask them for a commitment on these bills. (Did you ever try to nail Jello to a wall? It might feel like that.)

Each time I have contacted Rep. Ivory Thigpen and Sen. Mia McLeod about Amelia McKie's outstanding $51,750 ethics fines, neither Thigpen nor McLeod has responded to me. 

I'm pretty sure I can tell you why they haven't responded./

Thanks to the reader who alerted me to the article in the Post and Courier. You know who you are. I don't mention your name because I don't want you to be doxed and canceled.