Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Inspirational Moment - 3/9/2021. Long Intro., shorter Moment

Once again, it happened.

When trustee-elect Amelia McKie took the stage for her introduction of the Inspirational Moment, she blathered on and on for almost three minutes! 

At one point she was describing Dr. Sheley's accomplishments and said, "...huge, huge, huge, five huge..." At times I think she doesn't even know what she is saying. McKie could have just said, "Tonight's Inspirational Moment will be given by our own Dr. Sheley."

Dr. Sheley took just 3½ minutes for her Inspirational Moment - quite a refreshing change from previous speakers.

Near the end of the meeting a number of board members felt it necessary to ramble on and on in their appreciation for everybody on the planet except the Queen of England (and probably Donald Trump), as they proceeded to lavish praise on staff, employees and presenters. Board members should stop hogging the spotlight and leave some crumbs for the Board Chair. The Board Chair can be the one to thank staff. 

Trustee McFadden was wise in passing on comments. Others could learn from her, the newest member of the board.

Even the superintendent went overboard on praise. The staff members just did the jobs they are paid to do. They are told to prepare and present reports to the board. How much praise should that merit?

School Board Policy ADD - Face coverings (re Holmes)

Richland 2 School District has a policy regarding face "coverings". A covering is a mask. The District can approve an accommodation of a face shield in place of a mask.

At school board meetings Trustee-elect Holmes refuses to wear a face mask. Instead, she sometimes wears a face shield.

So the first question is, did she request an accommodation? The second question is, did the District approve her request? And the next question is, did the Board or the superintendent approve her request, if one was submitted?

Since the Board is superior to the authority of the superintendent, any request should have been considered by the Board, not by the superintendent. Was it? Did I miss that meeting?

Holmes must wear a face mask or face shield. At last night's meeting (3/9/2021) why did she remove it to speak?

Policy ADD reads, in part, "Staff members/School volunteers will wear a face covering while in indoor common areas (e.g. [sic] main office, lobby, hallway, workroom, cafeteria, etc.), at any time when physical distancing is not possible or optimal and while conducting business on behalf of the district ..."

Board members are subject to staff requirements.

The keyword is "and" (and while conducting business). The word "and" is used, not "or". 

Since Holmes was conducting business last night, she should have worn her face shield at all times.

Since Trustee Scott (f/k/a Elkins) refuses to attend board meetings in person when Holmes refuses to mask up, it is important to examine Board Policy 

Board Policy BEDM governs a board member's teleconferencing. The allowance for attending by telephone (or Zoom) "will be made only in exceptional circumstances, e.g., special medical and/or travel situations, military service, or job constraints."

Scott absents herself for her own health and for that of her mother. 

Did Scott request an accommodation of teleconferencing in writing? Did the Board consider and approve it? Are her concerns "exceptional circumstances"? Can "exceptional circumstances" run week and week, month after month, rather than one time only?

If Holmes wore a mask, not just a face shield, presumably Scott (Elkins) would attend board meetings.

Scott (Elkins) was elected to serve on the board, and she needs to be at board meetings. 

It is rude, unprofessional and narcissistic for Holmes to refuse to wear a mask. Holmes should be challenged by Board Chair Manning, the other elected trustees, and backed up by the school district's legal counsel. What is her claim for refusing to wear a mask? Holmes should not be allowed to rule the board in this way.

Are you following H.R. 1?

Have you heard of the "For the People Act", currently wending its way through Congress on the way to Joe Biden's desk.

H.R. 1 is being popularized by the mainstream (liberal) media as a voting-rights bill. 

If you really care about your voting rights and the U.S. Constitution, figure out what's going on and pounce on your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators.

What does the National Review say about H.R. 1?

"It would override hundreds of state laws governing the orderly conduct of elections, federalize control of voting and elections to a degree without precedent in American history, end two centuries of state power to draw congressional districts, turn the Federal Elections Commission into a partisan weapon, and massively burden political speech against the government while offering government handouts to congressional campaigns and campus activists. Merely to describe the bill is to damn it, and describing it is a Herculean task in itself."   Source: The Daily Signal, March 10, 2021

Critical Race Theory and Colleges - Pass the barf bag

As high schoolers and parents go about selecting a college for post-secondary studies, one item on the checklist should be Critical Race Theory.

What is Critical Race Theory? "Critical race theory holds that whites use their social status or their legal and economic advantages to create or maintain power over people of color." Source: The Daily Signal, March 10, 2021

Now, if you don't think that's the biggest pile of hogwash to come down the pike in a long time, do some more homework on it. Read this article in the newsletter of the conservation Heritage Foundation and then check the list of 230 colleges that may be indoctrinating students with CRT.

South Carolina schools listed are Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, College of Charleston, and University of South Carolina. See the list of schools. It'll make you sick!

And ask straight-forward questions of Richland 2 School District about CRT. Is it being pushed here?

And ask about The 1619 Project. I did, on October 13, 2020. I asked the School Board, directly and in-person, to what extent The 1619 Project is being taught in Richland 2.

The Board and the superintendent must be busy, because no one has responded. Last week I emailed the board and asked for answers to my two questions. No response.

Next step? File a FOIA Request. How much simpler and most cost-effective would it have been for the District just to answer the questions?