Saturday, June 6, 2020

School Board about to Transfer Property

The agenda for the June 9, 2020 school board contains an item regarding Transfer of Property. What property?

What's the secret? And what's the rush?

The board will discuss Item 2.2 Legal Matter regarding Transfer of Property in an Executive Session scheduled to start at 4:30PM.

Then, in the Open Session that starts at 5:00PM, the board will be asked to vote on Item 6.1, a Resolution - Transfer of Property.

There are no details whatsoever contained in the agenda or an attachment that would explain what this "Transfer" is.

Did the board members receive a complete description and background on the Resolution far enough in advance to give adequate consideration to the issue, raise questions and get answers?

Or will their first knowledge of it be sprung on them at 4:30PM.?

Will they have the backbone to have a full discussion in public and vote No on Tuesday night, in order to allow time for reflection and public input?

Why is the board being asked to vote on a first hearing on the Resolution? Is this Transfer something that should properly have public input?

So much for transparency from Richland 2!!!