Monday, June 28, 2021

CRT - Two Hours of Public Comments

No, not in Richland 2, of course. The Richland 2 board is willing to listen only to (up to) 10 members of the public at a board meeting, and for not more than 30 minutes.

So, where was there a two-hour public lambasting of the board? Douglas County, Colorado - just southeast of Denver and not far from where I lived.

Check out this article in the June 22nd edition of The Daily Signal, a publication of the Heritage Foundation. The title?

Is Your School Hiding Its Critical Race Theory Teaching? Here Are 5 Things to Ask About

I recently submitted a FOIA request to Richland 2 for documentation of teaching of Critical Race Theory. The reply was that there was no "documentation" responsive to my request. So I knew I hadn't ask the right question(s).

Read this article, which was originally published in The Denver Gazette.