Monday, January 18, 2021

Jan. 13 special board meeting

Have you been searching for the recorded Board meeting of January 13, 2021? Wondering what the discussion was all about last Wednesday night?

Here is where you will find it:  NOTE: There is no sound for the first four minutes. The recording starts after 4:00 minutes  You can skip the silence by clicking at 4:00.

Tune in now to see/hear who said what about the re-opening of schools. 

When the Board Chair and the superintendent scheduled the meeting and planned the agenda, they set it up so that there would be a discussion (only) and no vote or decision by the board. Two things happen when they do it that way.

1. The Board can say it didn't decide, if the forward direction of the District blows up.

2. All responsibility falls on the superintendent. And then he'll say, "But the board said..."

A logical question to the District is, "Why isn't it posted on YouTube or on the District's website under Board Meetings?" Maybe everybody had checked out and had their minds on the the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday (today).