Sunday, July 21, 2019

Where does Amelia McKie live?

A requirement of the Richland 2 School Board is that trustees live within the District.

An easy way to confirm residency is to view the most-recent Campaign Disclosure Report filed with the South Carolina Ethics Commission. The address on the report reveals the confirmation of residency.

EXCEPT when a filer uses a Post Office Box for the address.

Does the trustee live inside the Post Office Box? Not likely. And receiving mail at the United States Post Office with a ZIP Code within the School District boundary is no assurance that the filer actually lives in the District.

The $51.750 Judgment filed on July 10, 2019 against Amelia McKie shows an address in The Summit.

Other legal activity in Richland County Court records shows that address in The Summit. Why would McKie use a P.O. Box, instead of a home address?

Ignorance and Apathy

Years ago I read a story about a college professor who was addressing a class of senior students. One young man sat in the front row, slouching in his seat and yawning loudly.

The professor addressed him. "Young man, do you know that the two biggest problems of college students today are ignorance and apathy?"

The kid answered, "I didn't know that and I don't care."

What does this story have to do with this blog?

The problems of ignorance and apathy are right here in River City (apologies to Meredith Willson); errr, I mean Richland County. And there aren't new.

In his 600-page tome titled Operation Lost Trust And The Ethics Reform Movement 1989-1999, former Common Cause/SC Executive Director John Crangle wrote:"... the public is often apathetic and ignorant about such scandals." He was referring to major criminal scandals in state governments. (Page 164. ©2017 Published by the Crangle Company, Columbia, S.C.)

Have we got our own "scandal" right here in Richland 2 School District?

Would you care, if we did?