Friday, January 28, 2022

Holmes says it was political.

Did you catch Teresa Holmes on WIS-TV today? Did you listen to what she said?

"It's all political."

What could be political about my introducing myself to a woman I don't know? I'm not running for office. Obviously, Teresa already has the November election on her mind. What could possibly be "political" about a non-partisan election?

And then she said, "It's all about the election." 

Seriously? I introduce myself to a stranger and that's about an election? 

And "They want the people to think that this board is in chaos." Well, this Board is in chaos. All you have to do is go to a meeting. If you have a doubt now, you won't have one after one meeting.

And the icing on the cake? "This board has three chaotic members." Well, now there's a true statement for you.

But Holmes meant the "other" three. By "three chaotic members" she meant Lindsay Agostini, Monica Scott and Lashonda McFadden. Could that be slander? Mean-spirited? Disparaging?

Those three are the cool heads on the board who are trying to get the District's business done with integrity and responsibility. 

Holmes herself is one of the board members (keeping in mind that she is not even a legitimate board member) who creates parliamentary chaos. Holmes cannot understand Secondary Motions, loses her place during motions and discussions, and argues with board members who try to exercise their parliamentary rights to speak.

Several meetings ago one board member called a Point-of-Order and continued to do, trying to get Holmes to stop talking and recognize her. Robert's Rules of Order is very clear about what happens in a meeting when a Point-of-Order is called. What did Holmes finallly say? "I AM the Point-of-Order at this time."

How's that for leadership.

As for Manning's comment on WIS-TV. "Philpott is always questioning the Board." Well, why not, James? Am I - are we - just supposed to sit here and watch the board keep doing dumb things? Dumb things, you ask? You want a list? Will you do something with a list? I mean, besides toss it in the nearest wastebasket.

The best thing that voters could do on November 9, 2022 is kick Holmes, McKie, Caution-Parker and Manning into retirement.

Actually, the Governor might take care McKie sooner. Stay turned.

Mrs. Davis speaks ---

Was anyone listening?

WIS-TV's Judi Gaston carried a report on tonight's news with a few comments from Pamela Davis, a Blythesood High School teacher, who became upset at the January 25th board meeting when I attempted to introduce myself to her.

Now keep this mind. I was not introducing myself to Mrs. Davis. I had no idea who the woman was. The woman was a black woman who had taken a seat behind me, as I stood talking with two men and one male student in the second row of audience seating.

You don't want to miss that interview. Notice how calm she is. Notice how careful she was with her words. Was it all practiced? Did she prepare for the interview with a coach? Or with one or more lawyers? If so, who paid for them? Were they lawyers on Richland Two's payroll?

The Judi Gaston part of the news was not understandable by anyone who knew what happened.

Mrs. Davis made it clear to me that she did not want to talk, I'll say!! What could be clearer than shouting, "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! DON'T TALK TO ME! GET AWAY FROM .ME!"   That's pretty clear, right?

And so I didn't talk to her. I backed away. Then she skipped ahead to what she says she said to the 14-year-old student. "You are a child. You don't need to talk to me."

Media are reporting what else she said, and it's not fit to be printed here. 

Judi Gaston said that Mrs. Davis was "very uncomfortable with the two men because one of them had sent threatening emails to her husband." Mrs. Davis said: "I felt threatened. I felt targeted."

Maybe that's why she sat down exactly where she did.

I was just waiting for her to add that she felt like a victim and that she felt oppressed. Straight CRT nonsense.

If I were asked today if I knew that woman on TV, I would say, "Absolutely not. I've never seen her before." If I were asked, is that the woman you said Hello to on Tuesday night, I'd say, "Absolutely not."

I received numerous phone calls today about her appearance on TV. I won't say who called. I won't even repeat what they said. It wasn't favorable.

And then there were the quickee interviews with Teresa Holmes and James Manning.

They deserve a different page.