Saturday, October 8, 2022

Does this make any sense - at all?

Read this carefully. Teresa Holmes posted it recently on her private Facebook page. Ask yourself: does this make any sense at all? 

Q. Who is fighting against an agenda? Names, please.

Q. What agenda exists to dismantle the Richland 2 school board?

Q. Just exactly what great work is going on?

Q. What silly speeches and false statements?

Q. What bad behavior?

Q. The "whole board" isn't going anywhere. Didn't three incumbents decide not to run for re-election?

Q. Is the reason people want Teresa off the board because of the chaos and the disrespect she showed to other board members?

Q. Does she not understand the board's election cycle?

Q. Doesn't she understand that her "Stay Woke" remarks drive away conscientious people?

Q. Why does she thank the three incumbents who chose not to run again? They are not continuing to help fight for what she thinks is right.

Q. What is a "beloved" District? It's a business!

Q. What does "I got you" mean? Does she even know?

Holmes - more campaigning in school

Teresa Holmes has had even more photo opps during her campaign for re-election. 

This post and photo shows her with a Latina in a school, supposedly honoring National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Does anyone else think she is just trying to drum up votes, so that she can survive the upcoming election?

This is clearly campaigning. Note that she misspelled the name of the school district  AND that she wants your vote.

There is every possibility that this will find its way to the State Inspector General and to the S.C. Ethics Commission in the form of a complaint.

Does this show Teresa's flagrant disregard to Board Policy and ethics laws? 

Remember her excuse when she tried to explain away the violation of State law, when she had failed to file her Statement of Economic Interests Report with the S.C. Ethics Commission before taking the oath-of-office? She said nobody told her about the filing requirement. Too bad, so sad. The rules were right on the Ethics Commission website! It was her responsibility to read them and follow them.

Open letter to R2 superintendent re Holmes

The following email has been sent to Supt. Davis regarding Teresa Holmes improper use of a school for political purposes. What action will he take immediately?

Supt. Davis,

I request a written reply to this message.    

I request - demand - that you put a stop to Teresa Holmes' political campaign stops in Richland 2 Schools. It is obvious that she is using her classroom visits for election campaign photo opportunities. It is a last-ditch effort to shore up her campaign and to recover from her chaotic, disastrous term as board chair.

Don't you require trustees to obtain your permission to visit schools? Don't they have to state the purpose of their visit? And remain within that purpose?

This must be against Board Policy. Shouldn't she have her hands at her sides? Does she have written permission from all the students to use their pictures? If any students are minors, isn't parental authorization required?

Further, it must be against ethics laws of the State of South Carolina.

YOU have the authority to prevent such use of schools, classrooms, students and personnel.

Please act immediately on Monday morning to stop this in its tracks!!

Gus Philpott

You might recognize the woman in the picture with Teresa. Isn't that the woman who said on WIS-TV that she was in such fear back on January 25th?

Holmes' false claims

Why would Teresa Holmes make false claims on her private Facebook page? Does she think only her Friends will see it?

1. Holmes is not a "Commissioner" of Richland 2. Richland 2 does not have any commissioners. Elected officials are called trustees. And she is not even a legal trustee, because she has never taken the oath-of-office legally!

2. She is not an Assistant Administrator at Fairfield County School District. She hasn't worked there since August 1, 2021, when she resigned after her some of her responsibilities were reduced.

3. She lists PAST positions as if they are current positions. They are not.

4. When a person lists "Studied at ...", it is usually because they did not complete a degree program at that institution. To what end are those institutions even listed?

Wise voters know how much consideration to give to Teresa's re-election bid. I wish her well. I hope she comes in no worse than 12th. Of course, there are only 12 candidates running.