Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Should Tax Liens rule out candidacy?

James Shadd, current Board Chair of the Richland 2 School District and candidate for re-election in November, has five unsatisfied tax liens in South Carolina. Should this knock him out of the running?

According to the South Carolina State Tax Lien Registry (https://mydorway.dor.sc.gov) last week, these outstanding liens are public record.

A lien filed 12/29/2014 has a balance of $11,205.03

A lien filed 3/30/2017 has a balance of $6,521.10

A lien filed 4/12/19 has a balance of $10,201.59

A lien filed 4/12/2019 has a balance of $7,448.14

A lien filed 5/8/2020 has a balance of $11,181.42

That's a total of $46,557.28.

Two personal tax liens have been paid off. They were paid on 6/17/2019 and 7/22/2020.

Four business tax liens against the Shadd Law Firm LLC were paid on 6/24/2015, 4/22/2016 (2), and 7/3/2017.

Apparently, there is no law in South Carolina that says you can't run for public office if you don't pay your state income taxes.

Maybe, then, it's just up to the voters to say, You're not going to be elected to office, if you don't pay your taxes."

Richland 2 and COVID-19

How are Richland 2 schools doing with COVID-19?

Beginning Friday, September 4, 2020 you can find out whether Richland 2 has any students and staff test positive for COVID-19. All you have to do is click on www.scdhec.gov/COVID19schools

DHEC plans to publish reports on the afternoons of Tuesdays and Fridays.

The reports will include K-12 students who "attend in-person classes regularly," according to The State newspaper today.. Reports will also include positive cases of employees who are physically present at schools.

Those involved in e-learning and who don't come to schools regularly for extra-curricular activities will not be counted.

The State reports that college students are excluded.