Monday, March 14, 2022

Shooting Death near RNE

One week ago, on March 7, 2021, a 14-year-old boy was fatally shot about two blocks from Richland North East High School (RNE)

WIS-TV carried two stories and no names.

RCSD reported that a 16-year-old was arrested a short time after the body of the 14-year-old was found early that Monday evening in a wooded area north of the RNE.

Was either boy a student at RNE?

WIS-TV is not releasing the name of the deceased boy, because his parents requested privacy.

The second article, on March 9, including a WIS-TV interview with Sheriff Lott, is here:
That article has been considerably shortened since last Wednesday.

I have not been able to find any follow-up stories.

Is gun violence among teens now so common in Richland County that media are no longer informing viewers and readers of key information?

Richland 2 was instrumental in forming a coalition of eight area school districts and tagged BeSMART to be involved. I heard that BeSMART had been involved with Richland 2 for two years to produce this effort. 

Well, just exactly what is the plan here? Will this just be another program that is "All Talk and No Walk"?

Having programs at schools and passing out gun locks is not going to solve the problem that has been allowed to grow for years - many years! The problem is that empty space between two ears of so many kids.

Sheriff Lott offered one answer to parents in the TV interview. "Be nosy" in your kid's life. Know who his (her) friends are. Know where he is. Know what he is posting and reading on social media. Know what's on his phone. Know what's in the book bag. 

I'll add: Know how he is doing in school. Or if he is even in school. Recognize his language and attitudes. Know where he is at night.

That area may be on of the most dangerous in Richland County. At a community meeting several years ago, I heard a parent say that she put her young children in the bathtub at night, hoping the tub would stop any bullets fired in drive-by shootings.

[EDITED 3/15/22] WACH.TV reported that the 14-year-old who died on March 7 was Trevion Fuller. Still trying to learn what school he attended. Read the 3/15/22 article here.

[EDITED 3/16/22] WACH-TV pulled their story and it is no longer available. An obiturary is posted on the website of Pressley Cares Mortuary Services. It currently reads that Trevion "peacefully transitioned on March 7, 2022." The WACH-TV print story included a reference to a Columbia anti-gun violence effort. The original GoFundMe, organized by a woman in Orangeburg, cannot now be found. A different GoFundMe has been started.

R2 Teacher Being Disciplined for Cursing Student?

At the March 8, 2022 school board meeting a 14-year-old student addressed the board about the January 25, 2022 uproar that occurred in the board room just prior to the 5:30PM start of the meeting.

Watch this 3½-minute segment of the March 8th board meeting. It begins with the introduction of the second speaker that evening. Tap this link:

Shortly after he begins, you'll hear trustee-elect and Chair Teresa Holmes interrupt the him to say "No names"; the speaker had not mentioned a name, only a title. NOTE: Board Policy BEDH does not prohibit the use of names or titles by a speaker, but Holmes continues to admonish speakers who do mention names and titles.

As the student continued and related to the board what a Blythewood High School teacher had said to him on January 25th, Trustee Manning interrupted and said he felt that the topic was a personnel matter that was being addressed by Administration. Is it really?

Then Trustee McFadden spoke about letting the student continue, and her opinion prevailed.

Now, are the profanities uttered by Pamela Davis at the January 25, 2022 actually being addressed by Richland 2 School District as a personnel issue? 

Does anyone on the planet think that the HR Department will investigate and make a finding that the wife of the superintendent disrupted the meeting and conducted herself in a manner unbecoming that of a teacher? Will the HR Department recommend a suspension or termination? And will the HR Department find against the superintendent?


If I were the superintendent, I would direct HR to make a complete investigation and report, and I would insist on honesty and transparency. I would have their report released to the public. And there would be no retribution or retaliation against those who performed their jobs responsibly and thoroughly.

The Board ducked its obligation and responsibility to investigate the totality of the January 25th disruption, when The Core Four on the board (the majority: Holmes, McKie, Caution-Parker, Manning) would not support a Motion to investigate. Holmes based that on the decision by the Richland County Sheriff's Department not to file charges.

Isn't there still a law about Disruption of Schools? Isn't there still a law about Disorderly Conduct? Isn't there still a law about Assault? 

I can assure you that Gus Philpott and Gary Ginn did not break any laws that night. And, if the actions of Pamela Davis and Baron Davis had been charged, it's very likely that plenty of witnesses would have been available to testify about their words and actions. Did the sheriff's department even seriously consider charges against the Davises?