Saturday, June 24, 2023

Who is your pick?

Somewhat over 72 hours from now, Richland 2 may announce its new superintendent.

I say "may" because it really depends on whether they can strike a deal with their Number 1 pick, Candidate X, before the board meeting. We, John Q. Public, don't even know who is doing the negotiating for Richland 2. 

Is it up to the lawyers to handle negotiations? Let's hope not. Is one board member authorized to negotiate on behalf of the Board (District)? I didn't hear any discussion or vote about that. Does a 4-day negotiating period give the advantage to the candidate? The Board is under the gun to make a deal by 5:30PM Tuesday.

Who is your pick? I'd say, "Choose X. Y, or Z", but ... Should I ask "A, B, or C?" Or #1, #2, or #3? OK, in alphabetical order...

Nia Campbell?
Benjamin Henry?
Kim Moore?

I heard that the superintendent search firm presented six candidates to the board, out of the 39 applicants from 20 states.

Were there any South Carolina candidates? Were there any internal candidates?

Any questions about any of the finalists?