Monday, June 22, 2020

What Happened in Ferguson, Mo. on 8/9/2014?

Do you know what really happened in Ferguson, Mo. on August 9, 2014? Really?

I grew up in University City, Mo., which is about seven miles south of Ferguson. So I can say that I know a little about Ferguson. But the Ferguson I knew then is not the Ferguson of today or the Ferguson of 2014.

Because of my law-enforcement background I started asking myself questions right away. I wanted to learn as much as I could about what happened. I was immediately skeptical of the stories I heard. I was not surprised to hear to the burning and looting in Ferguson or the wild claims of police brutality or racial injustice. I just didn't believe them then. Or since.

As more information came out, I believed even more strongly that Michael Brown was a thug and a criminal. Nothing has changed my mind.

Today PragerU released a five-minute video, titled "The Ferguson Lie". Larry Elder, a 68-year-old American libertarian talk show host, author, attorney, and documentary filmmaker. Oh, and he's black.

Watch this video and think about all the lies you have heard for more than five years. Lies that still fuel the Black Lives Matter movement and wrongfully influence people, young and old.

A cop's life and career were destroyed by BLM and the media. Much like the destruction of a cop's life right here in Columbia after the incident at Spring Valley High School, even though no one died.