Thursday, September 15, 2022

Manning Unilaterally Disbands Safety Committee

Read this message from Chair James Manning to Committee Chair and Trustee Monica Scott:

"I appreciate the work you have done for the committee of the whole for safety and security. After careful consideration I am going to eliminate this committee immediately. Dr Davis provided a detailed plan for the implementation of metal detectors and other measures to improve safety and he released more information today on his plan for safety at sporting events. With a formal plan in front of us, I believe we will get more accomplished in a more efficient manner by bringing these initiatives to the formal board where there needs to be board action. At the time he presented administration’s   plan there were no concerns brought up. I will add a safety item to an agenda so we can continue the work that has already been underway on this issue and to update the public as to where we are."

I believe that Manning cannot unilaterally, and outside of a board meeting, disband a Committee. It is the chicken's way out.

He is leaving the board. Why would he do this? Why would he try to muzzle the public and those on the board who believe that not enough is being done.

Email James Manning and let him know how you feel.

Copy the rest of the board:,,,,,, 

And copy the S.C. State Inspector General.

It is preposterous that Manning would do this less than two months before he leaves the board.

Good riddance, James Manning!!!

Supt. should deny funds to Manning, McKie

The Richland 2 superintendent is responsible for the lawful disbursement of public monies of the Richland 2 school district.

Some clerk way down in the bowels of the Accounting Department examines requests for funds, such as from trustees for reimbursement or payment of travel/training conferences. If she questions a reimbursement or payment request, that clerk has a supervisor, who has a manager. Then there are the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial Officer. Above them are the Deputy Superintendent and the Superintendent.

Four board members have terms that are expiring in November. The term-of-office for the four board members elected on November 8th will be about November 17th, depending on the exact date that the Richland County Elections Commission certifies the November 8th election.

Manning and McKie (and Caution-Parker) are leaving the Board, for sure. They did not file for re-election. Holmes may be leaving the Board.

Manning, McKie and Holmes went to Atlanta for a COSSBA conference last week-end. Why would Manning (Board Chair) and McKie (Board Secretary) expend Richland 2 funds to travel to and attend a conference, when they will be leaving the Board in only two months?

AND why will Manning, McKie and Holmes be attending a NASB CUBE conference in Miami at District expense on Sept. 29-Oct. 1, when Manning and McKie will be leaving the Board five weeks later?

It's called "junket", "vacation of the taxpayers' money".

Supt. Davis ought to be saying, "I am not approving District monies for those meetings. The District will derive NO benefit from your attendance there. You are welcome to go on your own dime but not on Taxpayer funds."

When I addressed the Board about this on September 13th, I mentioned these words, "ethics, integrity, honesty, responsibility, fiduciary duty, responsible use of public money, stewards of public money, breach of fiduciary responsibility". 

Will Manning and McKie cancel their reservations for Miami?