Friday, November 29, 2019

Board Policy JICDA Code of Conduct

On December 3, 2019, the Richland 2 School Board will consider a major re-write to Board Policy JICDA Code of Conduct. The title should be more fully listed as Code of Conduct and Discipline, as stated within the policy in Paragraph 3, although not capitalized.

Is this all boiler-plate from the South Carolina School Boards Association?

The part of the Code of Conduct and Discipline that may concern parents is JICDA-R, referred to an administrative rule.

After reading Andrew Pollack's Why Meadow Died, I began wondering how Richland 2 distinguishes between categories of conduct in its schools. Was there any way that Richland 2 policies might mirror those at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD) in Parkland, Florida? Could the administration of policies here be similar to that at MSD?

Are we plagued with guilt here over the "school-to-prison" pipeline (theory)? For me, it's black-and-white. Don't do crime; don't do the time. Do offenders get to "skate by" from one grade to the next, if offenses of a prior year are written off and forgotten, after a school year ends?

Watch for follow-up articles on Levels I, II and III of school disciplinary offenses.

If you can't wait, go to Board Policies and begin reading JICDA-R.

To find it, go to
Click on EXPLORE
Click on School Board
Click on Policy JICDA
Click on Policy JICDA-R

Dec. 3 Special Meeting - 30 Policy Revisions!!!

The Agenda for Tuesday's Special Called Board Meeting alerts board members to fasten their seat belts and prepare for a lengthy meeting. There are thirty (30!!!) Board Policies on the Agenda for examination, review, discussion and revision.



Apparently, the previous superintendent made some kind of deal with the South Carolina School Boards Association about policies. The SCSBA may have a set of "standard" policies that it would like to stuff down the throats of all the school districts in the state.

Does Richland 2 have the guts to stand up the SCSBA and "Just Say No"?

You've probably heard the phrase "one size fits all". That's well-known in Special Education circles.

Well, one size does NOT fit all. Schools have different needs. Students have different needs. Communities have different needs. There are liberal communities and districts; there are conservative ones. There are rural school districts; there are districts in metropolitan areas.

How can a Board make a reasonable study of 30 policies in one setting? Why do the Board Chair and the Superintendent agree on an Agenda that includes 30 policies for revision? Why don't all the other board members shout, "Whoa, Nellie!!! Slow this wagon down."

How many hours are required by each board member to study carefully the proposed revisions? Does each board member diligently study the revisions and consider all the pros and cons to the proposed revisions?

Here we go - Read JICI proposed revision

OK, folks. Here we go...

The Richland 2 School Board is tampering with Board Policy JICI - Weapons in School.

There will be a first reading on the proposed revision at the Special Called Board Meeting on December 3, 2019. Note that the Agenda does not allow Public Participation. Then board is likely to vote on the revision at its Regular Meeting on December 10, where Public Participation is allowed. By that time they will likely have their minds made up.

How is JICI being changed? Read it on the December 3 Agenda and click on the attachment for that item (Item 4.23).

At a previous meeting Trustee James Shadd made a reference to Federal law about knives in schools, which limits blade length to 2".

This is being incorporated in District Policy. If your kid forgets to leave his pocket knife at home, he risks a felony charge, not just a "leave it in the office until after school" lecture. A pocket knife is a tool. It's only a weapon if it is used as such. But the worry warts on the school board have decided that a knife with a blade more than two inches poses "a severe threat of serious harm or injury to students and staff". Baloney!

More ominous is the proposed deletion of the language in the existing policy that applies to weapons in cars parked on school grounds. South Carolina law allows a holder of a concealed carry license/permit to store his firearm securely in his vehicle. The Administration is proposing to strike that State authority from the Board Policy JICI. Why is Richland 2 considering abridging the right to be subject only to State law?

What the State giveth, the School Board taketh away. Oh, really?

The first time a student (or employee) finds himself in hot water for storing his firearm in his car on school grounds will probably generate an expensive lawsuit for Richland 2.

Does JICI apply only to students in possession of a vehicle, such as driving himself/herself to school? Or does JICI apply to employees, teachers, administrators, parents and visitors?

JICI  does not need to refer to "felony offense, punishable by a fine fo $1,000 or imprisonment for five years, or both..." That's state law.

The only "offense" Richland 2 can be concerned about is a violation of Board Policy.

December 3 Agenda Published

The Agenda for the December 3, 2019 Special Called Board Meeting is now available on the District's website. The meeting will start at 5:30PM at Jackson Creek Elementary School. Thanks to the Richland 2 staff member who worked Wednesday night or Thursday to post the Agenda, after the website was restored to use.

There is no Executive Session on the Agenda.

There is no Public Participation on the Agenda.

On the Agenda is the Approval for the rezoning of Jacob's Creek and Forest Creek communities.

What does this mean to you, if you are a parent of a student at Catawba Trail Elementary School who does not want your child to change schools?

It means that you had better get busy this week-end and contact your school board members by phone, email and in person.

Most of them are going to do what the Administration is asking. Some may not. If you don't do anything, then don't complain afterwards.

I don't have a dog in this fight. I don't have a child at Catawba Trail. I don't have any child or grandchild in a Richland 2 school.

Was the timetable too short for a major decision? Do the parents of the approximately-240 students who will be affected all know what's going on? Were all the options explored? Are you satisfied with the communication from and with Richland 2?

The only reason to show up Tuesday night is to monitor the action by the school board and to hold them accountable. At some point you might want to ask the board to explain why

  1. it made the decision at a Special Called meeting, not at a Regular meeting
  2. it scheduled the decision at a school far from your neighborhood
  3. it did not include Public Participation

I predict this vote on Tuesday night: 6-0-0-1 (For, Against, Abstain, Absent)

Two of those six are not legal board members. If only four legal board members are present, then the board does not have a quorum and cannot vote. But vote they will, and that means the vote will be invalid. But they will call it a valid vote and, when the day of reckoning arrives, the board will have to go all the way back to November 13, 2018 and correct all the decisions that were affected by the votes of the two illegitimate "members".

Resistance (At All Costs). Seriously?

Are Richland 2 students being educated in the conservative or liberal tradition? Or are they being indoctrinated?

Are they being taught to explore the several sides to issues? Or are they being spoon-fed a point-of-view and expected to believe it? Are discussion and debate ("argument") encouraged? Do they understand that to "argue" a point-of-view doesn't mean to ball up their fists, shout curses, threaten, display weapons?

I happen to believe that the vast majority of today's teachers and administrators are left-leaning in their political views and that they do not park their views at the curb on school days. And it has been that way for years, which is why the younger generations do not fear Socialism.

Look at the current reaction of the school board to a discussion of weapons. Look what happens when "gun" or "firearm" is mentioned. By the way, guns are not the focus of this book.

I encourage you to read Resistance (At All Costs) - How Trump Haters Are Breaking America, by Kimberley Strassel. You can buy it or you can borrow it through the Richland Library system. The library was very responsive to my request to acquire the book and ordered it without delay.

Author Strassel is on the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. She summarizes very well the atmosphere that exists during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Rather than make up your mind about what you think she says, read her book. Understand what "the Resistance" is doing to America. Take a stand. Is this the future you want for yourself, your children, your grandchildren?

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

District's website back, but no 12/3 Agenda

The District's website came back to life sometime today. It was still down this morning, but now it can be viewed.

The first thing I looked for was the Agenda for the Special Called Board Meeting on December 3.

Although the District legally has until Monday, December 2, 5:00PM to post it online and at the District office, board meetings should be announced more than 24 hours in advance.

With the glitch in the website, it may be that someone will go in on Friday and post the Agenda.

If you are interested in the re-zoning issue affecting Catawba Trail Elementary students, you'll want to read the agenda and attend the Tuesday night meeting.

There probably won't be a Public Participation segment. If you want to influence the board members, call them (all of them) or email them before Tuesday. Names, phone numbers and email addresses are on the District's website. Find them on

Click on EXPLORE
Click on School Board
Click on MEMBERS

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

District website is down

The website for Richland 2 School District has been down all morning.

Many organizations will splash a message to alert viewers that they know their website is down. Not being an I.T. person, I don't know exactly how that works. But it's a super service to inform viewers that the problem is known and is being worked on.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Bookman Road Elementary community meeting

Tonight's meeting at Bookman Road Elementary was well-done.

Attendance by parents was light. There were approximately eight parents there and about 15-20 District 2 staffers. Approximately 18 parents attended the first community meeting on this issue.

The District's Director of Planning, Will Simon, presented the reasoning for the re-districting that will result in about 240 students changing elementary schools. From an operations standpoint, it makes sense.

One school, Bookman, has been losing enrollment. The other, Catawba Trail, has been increasing.

The next step is the School Board's Special Called Meeting on December 3. This is when the Board will vote. Normally, votes are not taken at Special Called Meetings; this will be an exception.

And, normally, there is no Public Participation at Special Called Meetings. There is no reason why there cannot be. The Board could put Public Participation on the agenda. Will the Board Chair include it when the Agenda is set, which might be as early as tomorrow (Nov. 20)?

The location for the December 3rd meeting is geographically inconvenient. It's an attendance killer. My suspicious nature tells me there is a reason that the Board picked Jackson Creek Elementary for the voting meeting.

Watch the District's website for the agenda for the December 3 meeting. Hopefully, the District will post it before everyone leaves for the Thanksgiving holiday (Wed., Thurs., Fri.). The agenda must be posted before the end of the day on Monday, in order to meet the statutory FOIA rules.

Parents, if you still have concerns, call and email your School Board members. All of them. Names, email addresses and phone numbers are on the District's website.

The District received only four comments after the November 8 Report was prepared. That was many fewer than I would have guessed.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Richland 2 Re-Zoning Meeting - Nov. 25,

The make-up meeting for parents concerned about the re-districting will be held tomorrow evening, Monday, November 25, 2019 at 6:00PM at Bookman Road Elementary School.

Parents were invited to provide feedback on a form on the District's website. Visit this District webpage for more information. To find it directly, go the Click on Explore; click on News.

Richland 2 is proposing to re-zone Jacobs Creek and Forest Creek subdivisions from Catawba Trail Elementary to Bookman Road Elementary.

The proposal will be up for a vote at the Special Board Meeting scheduled for December 3, 2019, starting at 5:30PM. BE SURE TO CHECK THE AGENDA FOR THE LOCATION OF THIS SPECIAL-CALLED BOARD MEETING. IT MAY NOT BE AT R2i2.

Is it a "done deal"?

YOU can influence your board members by contacting them by phone and by e-mail and, most importantly, by showing up in person. Watch for the Agenda for the December 3rd Special Called Meeting. It should be online (on the District's website) this Wednesday, November 27 (the day before Thanksgiving), although the Board might postpone publishing it until the last minute (5:29PM on Monday, December 2, 2019, which will be 24 hours before the starting time of the meeting).

Read parent feedback via the above link to the District webpage. 

Although the webpage informs parents that they can read feedback received as of November 20, the report published is dated November 8. My guess is that Richland 2 received an earful of complaints from parents and did not update its November 8 Report. 

Page 1 of the Report indicates the District received only 80 responses from the Jacobs Creek Community. Seriously? And 91% of the respondents were against the proposed re-zoning (or unsure).

Read some of the parent comments.

If you have an interest in this re-zoning, be at the meeting tomorrow night.

Friday, November 22, 2019

R2 Board still short two legal Trustees

It was almost a year ago that The Independent Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County reported that Amelia McKie and Teresa Holmes had not filed their required Statements of Economic Interests Reports ("Statements") with the South Carolina Ethics Commission.

The first article in The Voice was on December 6, 2018. Reporter Michael Smith had done his homework, and his long article carefully detailed the problem.

It turned out that McKie had not filed Statements with the S.C. Ethics Commissions that were required for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. By December 2018 she was subject to a Decision and Order by the Ethics Commission and was ordered to pay substantial fines and fees for those violations.

McKie was first elected to the Richland 2 School Board in November 2014. In June 2018 she was elected Board Chair for the term July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. On November 6, 2018 she was re-elected to the School Board. When the election was certified on November 9, 2018 she became "qualified" as a Trustee. But she was not yet "eligible" to be a Trustee.

Holmes was elected on November 6, 2018 to her present four-year term on the School Board.

As a result of their failures to file the Statements, both violated S.C. Code of Laws Section 8-13-1110(A) when they took the oath of office on November 13, 2018.

This law reads, in part, "No public official, regardless of compensation, and no public member or public employee as designated in subsection (B) may take the oath of office or enter upon his official responsibilities unless he has filed a statement of economic interests in accordance with the provisions of this chapter with the appropriate supervisory office."

As of November 13, 2018 they had not filed their Statements. On November 13 they took the oath of office and attended that night's School Board meeting as officials. Therefore, they violated §8-13-1110(A). Thus, they did not lawfully take the oath of office. Thus, they are not legal board members.

On December 4, 2018 they filed their Statements. Thus, on December 4 they first became eligible to take the oath of office. They have not taken the oath of office.legally.

Yet they are allowed to continue to act as if they are Board Trustees. Therefore, they are usurping public office, violating S.C. Code of Laws Section 15-53-60. And the School District is paying them while they do so.

An additional problem for McKie is that she claimed, and was allowed by the Board to claim, her role as Board Chair after November 6, 2018 and until June 30, 2019. Since she was not a legal Board member, she could not legally hold the position as Board Chair. Her signature as Board Chair on bond documents is not legal.

The five legal members of the Board could refuse to allow McKie and Holmes to sit at the board until they legally take the oath of office. McKie and Holmes are, legally, no more a Board member than I am.

By refusing to act, has the full board become complicit in deceiving taxpayers and voters as to its legal composition?

Richland 2 School District has my request to be informed of the date, time and location for any ceremony to administer the oath of office, legally, to McKie and Holmes.

The South Carolina Ethics Commission filed a Judgment for $51,750 against McKie on July 10, 2019. Case No. 2019CP4003809 is languishing in the online court records, with no update since it was filed four months ago. The S.C. Department of Revenue should be the agency that collects on the Judgment by all legal means possible, including attachment of assets, home, bank accounts, automobiles and garnishment of wages (Richland 2 pays W-2 income to McKie as a school board trustee).

Utah school arms teachers

In Utah County, Utah folks are serious about protecting their children in schools.

Read/watch this NBC report on arming of teachers.

When the Richland 2 School Board went the other way, when it revised Board Policy GBEB, was it a short-sighted, ill-conceived move? Not only did the R2 Board take away the authority of two Emergency Services Department employees to carry firearms on school grounds, it also removed the language ("unless otherwise authorized by law") from that Policy.

Although the Board voted on October 29, 2019 to revise Policy GBEB, the revised policy has yet to be published on the District's website.

Richland 2 took a step backwards in the defense and protection of students and staff, when it made its October 29th decision. The policy, as the revised version reads, now makes possession of weapons on school grounds an act of Misconduct by a teacher or staff member. Is there anyone who thinks that will not be a reason for termination of employment?

A teacher or staff member cannot now commute to/from work with his personal-protection weapon in his car and then park that car on school grounds. A teacher cannot leave her pepper spray in her car. Better leave that baseball bat at home. Keep in mind that weapon will now be defined as any item that could be used as a weapon.

If the student policy (JICI) definition of weapon is really to apply to the employee policy GBEB, and then extended beyond employee to contracted workers, could SROs be in violation of GBEB. How would Richland 2 disciplinary action be taken against them?

What Richland 2 needs is a well-thought-out policy to protect students, teachers, staff and visitors.

Understanding that at least five of the Richland 2 School Board Trustees are anti-gun, how are they going to make a decision that allows their charges to protect themselves (and those for whom they are responsible) from an armed attacker?

They might hate guns, but how will they answer this one question?

If a school is in lock-down and a teacher is barricaded in her classroom with 20 students, and a madman with a gun is breaking down the door to enter and harm those students and her, isn't that teacher going to hope she has a gun to defend her students and herself?

If your answer is "No", please explain in the comment section below.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes and FOIA

This week's speaker at the Special Called Board Meeting on November 19, 2019 commented on requirements for Meeting Minutes. The speaker was retired attorney Helen McFadden.

The five minimum things that must be in Minutes are (See 21:40 on the YouTube recording):

  1. Date and Place
  2. Who is present and who is absent
  3. Substance of all matters proposed, discussed, or decided
  4. Recording the vote
  5. Any other information that is asked to be included by a member. "A member of the Board has an absolute right to get a reasonable amount of information included in the record and must put into the record in writing any recusal under Title VIII,: she said.

Ms. McFadden watched 6-8 hours of meetings and has never seen any member recuse himself. She assumed they are doing that. (They aren't, but perhaps no situation has arisen that would require it.)

Recently I suggested to the Board that a statement be included in the Minutes about the superintendent's cancellation of employees' right to carry a firearm at work on school grounds. I had read the Minutes after the Agenda was published and before the Board approved the Minutes, but no member of the Board felt included to request that his statement be included in the Minutes.

When you read the Minutes of a meeting, it is very difficult to know what took 1½-3 hours in a meeting. District Meetings could be much more complete.


At 1:08:27 on the recording Ms. McFadden pointed out that Richland 2 does not have a Board Policy on prejudice or bias, which is applicable to administrative hearings. She mentioned racial prejudice, religious prejudice, gender-based prejudice for matters of prejudice and bias.

Prejudice and bias are reasons for a board member to recuse himself or herself.

Her comment caused me to wonder whether at least three board members might have to recuse themselves from certain votes in the future, because they have spoken so extensively, persuasively and often on behalf of the District's black students. Could their attention to this one segment of the District's student body be considered prejudice or bias?

Ms. McFadden will be invited back to present a second part of her overall presentation. Hopefully, the District will give the public more than the 24 hours' notice of this special meeting that she mentioned earlier in her presentation, when she addressed the requirements of South Carolina state law.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Dec. 3, 2019 - NOTE: Change of Location

The Special Called Board Meeting for Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019 will be held at Jackson Creek Elementary School, not at R2i2. Jackson Creek Elementary is located at 7150 Trenholm Road Extension.

Please note this change in location for a School Board meeting.

The starting time (from the November 19 District announcement) will be 5:30PM. This may be the starting time of an Executive Session, followed by the open, public session.

Check the Agenda, which will be available on the District's website on about November 27, for the starting time of the public session and also to confirm the location. Agendas are normally published on the Thursday before a Tuesday Board meeting. Since that Thursday is Thanksgiving Day, the Agenda may be available one day early.

Typically, Special Called Board Meetings do not allow Public Participation.

Perhaps the District would be willing to explain to parents of the students to be affected by this change -

  1. why this board meeting is a Special Called Meeting, rather than a Regular Meeting
  2. why it is at Jackson Creek, instead of at R2i2 or a closer school
  3. why it is scheduled for 5:30PM, which likely eliminates attendance by many parents, who might be commuting home from work, caring for children, or feeding them dinner
  4. why this is being rushed through

Discipline Update

The Discipline Update at last night's Special-Called Board Meeting was fascinating. This portion of the November 19, 2019 meeting begins at 1:10:40 on the YouTube recording's counter.

Why wasn't the room packed with parents, especially parents concerned about a perceived disparity in discipline among one portion of the student body.

One reason that parents weren't there is they may not have known about the meeting. At the end of last week's Regular Meeting, Supt. Davis announced that there would be a Special Called Board Meeting on December 3, 2019. He did not mention any Special Called Board Meeting for November 19.

Surely, the November 19 meeting was in the works and planned. And scheduled. I learned of it yesterday morning from a Facebook announcement.

What does Mr. Robert have to say about Special Meetings?

"The reason for special meetings is to deal with important matters that may arise between regular meetings and that urgently require action by the society before the next regular meeting." (Robert, Henry. Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, 10th Edition. New York. Perseus Publishing, HarperCollins Publishers. 2000. p.89)

There was an analyst present who explained the first set of statistics. Unfortunately, he was not clearly introduced by name. Staff then presented some slides.

Hopefully, those slides will be included in the video-recording of the meeting. I recommend that you view and study them.

For example, a comparison was made of disciplinary hearings scheduled during the first quarter of this school year and last.
Q1 2018-2019 99 Hearings
Q1 2019-2020 157 Hearings
This is a 159% increase.

And this slide:
Number of Instances of Expulsions, first quarter last year compared to this year.
Q1 2018-2019 5
Q1 2019-2020 3

Trustee Shadd noticed this and asked how there could be so many more hearings and, yet, fewer expulsions. Part of the answer, in my opinion, is that Q1 2019-2020 is not over yet.

But does the number of Hearings shock you?

Be sure to look at the pie-charts that were part of the presentation. They showed, by percentage, the number of offenses by Disciplinary Level (there are three Levels: I, II and III.) Pay particular attention to the  Levels of Disciplinary Offenses between Elementary, Middle and High School students. These should be on the YouTube and District recordings of the November 19, 2019 Special Meeting.

Read here soon for a discussion of the Disciplinary Levels, as found the Board Policies.

Robert's Rules rule

Last night's special-called board meeting included two excellent presentations. One was on Robert's Rules of Order and the other was an update on Discipline. I'll separate my comments.

The invited speaker on Robert's Rules of Order was Helen McFadden. She is a retired attorney with years of experience in the world of Robert's Rules.

As it happened, my library Hold on Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR), 10th edition, became available, and I picked it up on the way into the meeting.

Hopefully, Ms. McFadden's remarks were recorded and will be available on YouTube and on the District's website later this week.

Toward the end of her presentation, on a slide titled "Other Issues" was a bullet-point that read, "Ability to hear and be heard". That point was not discussed, and I wondered whether it applied to each board member (or member of a public body) or if it meant the audience.

Beginning remarks by Board Chair Manning and Supt. Davis were loud and clear. They got up close to their microphones and spoke into them, causing their voices to be amplified and audible throughout the room. They forgot to ask Ms. McFadden to do likewise at her microphone, and the few in the audience (four, plus a second speaker) seated behind her could be seen on the laptops and phones during portions of her remarks. Was that because they could not hear her?

One topic she did cover was the Quorum for a meeting.

When the meeting started, there were six at the head table, plus Supt. Davis. Trustee Elkins-Johnson was absent. But you wouldn't have known it, because no roll call was taken.

Before the meeting began, I had looked up Roll Call in RONR to learn what Mr. Robert had to say about it. It's found under Optional Headings, and it apparently is not required. If Roll Call is taken, its place in the Agenda would be at the end of opening ceremonies. The board could place it elsewhere. The logical place, in my opinion, would be right after the meeting is called to order.

Why would it have been important last night?

There are seven positions as Board members. With the ongoing controversy about the legitimacy of two elected persons, this could mean that, to have a quorum, all five of the legal members would have to be in attendance. Without Trustee Elkins-Johnson last night, there was not a quorum. Trustees-elect McKie and Holmes are not yet legal, official members of the Board, because they have not taken the oath of office since filing their Statements of Economic Interest with the South Carolina Ethics Commission since December 4, 2018. As soon as they do take the oath of office, they will be legal school board members.

But they were there and seated, and the District considers them as members. So six were present; a quorum is five.

At 6:43PM Amelia McKie quietly left the meeting. This left five present - exactly a quorum.

Then, at 7:41PM Teresa Holmes left the meeting. This left four members attending - less than a quorum.

What would Ms. McFadden have counseled the Board to do at that time? Should there have been a statement by the Board Chair that the official Special-Called Board Meeting was over, because a quorum was no longer present? Should that change in quorum-status have been recognized? No votes were scheduled. Can the Board receive information in unofficial session?

This is where a Roll Call is important. A formal acknowledgement of official members coming and going. It can be done with a simple statement to the public.

When it was time to close the meeting after the Discipline Update, a Motion to Adjourn was made, seconded and voted upon. Except the Board's vote is ineffective, because there was no quorum.

If Ms. McFadden returns for further discussion of Robert's Rules of Order, perhaps she will clarify what to do when a quorum is no longer present. Does the Board have to sit there for a week until the next meeting?

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Special Called Board Meeting - TODAY

At last week's Regular Board Meeting Supt. Davis announced a Special Called Board Meeting for December 3, 2019.

Today I read a Facebook message about a Special Called Board Meeting for TODAY.

I wondered immediately whether it might concern school safety issues (it doesn't), in view of last week's threatened shooting involving Ridge View High School. There was an article in The State but never any follow-up.

The Board will convene at 5:00PM and go right into Executive Session. Two matters will get their attention. 1. Contractual Matter Regarding Regarding Energy Management Performance Contract and 2. Litigation Update

The public portion of today's Special Called Board Meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:00PM.

No Public Participation Segment is planned.

"New Business - No Action Requested" will include two topics: Parliamentary Procedure and Discipline Update.

My reservation for Robert's Rules of Order is ready for pick-up, so I'll grab it on the way into the meeting. I wonder whether my harping on the need for a Parliamentarian has done some good.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Becoming a Premier Board

How can the Richland 2 School Board become the "premier" board that the superintendent and some of the members talk about from time to time?

Some that come to my mind are:

* Require that Amelia McKie and Teresa Holmes take the oath of office, now that they are eligible to do so, and become legitimate members of the school board. The Board has operated with only five legal members since November 6, 2018.

* Control the duration of semi-monthly meetings better, so that they do not exceed 90 minutes. Set time limits for the Moment of Inspiration, Recognition, for school focus and for staff presentations.

* Educate board members to speak clearly, loudly enough, and with purpose to their remarks. Eliminate slow, rambling remarks.

* Coach board members to eliminate grand-standing. Students in elementary school might be called "children"; middle and high schools have "students".

* Coach board members to cease usurping the authority of the Chair with lengthy expressions of appreciation to staff and others. Brief thanks to specific personnel are fine, but it's not necessary to name everyone in the room. The Board Chair should be the one to express appreciation to teachers and staff as a group, unless he designates it. Most staff members attending are required or expected to be there as part of their jobs, and their pay includes their attendance.

* The audience or staff doesn't need to be blessed for attending. Save that for church or personal conversation.

* Board members should speak only for themselves when expressing positions or opinions. For one to say that she speaks for all Board members is a statement easily suspected as not true. By keeping remarks brief and specific, there will be less chance for embarrassing mistakes.

Do you have suggestionsfor the Board? Post them in comments and email them to the Board Chair, James Manning, at

Change in GBEB increases risk to students, staff

When the School Board tinkered with Board Policy GBEB for three meetings and finally settled the matter (temporarily, let's hope) on October 29, 2019, it unwittingly increased risks for students and employees.

How did that happen?

In October Trustee Elkins-Johnson had said that she received an anonymous letter that informed her of two Richland 2 employees who were carrying firearms at work.

On September 24 I had addressed the Board after spotting a man in civilian clothing in the board room who was carrying a concealed semi-automatic pistol in a holster under his sweatshirt. It turned out he was the Assistant Manager of the Emergency Services Department of Richland Two.

The Superintendent knew he was armed, because he was authorized to carry. But apparently not one Board member knew it.

Instead of taking ownership of the decision to authorize the two Emergency Services Department employees to carry, the Board now forbids any employee to carry.

What never was spoken of was the protection provided to students and staff by these two employees, should they interrupt an incident when someone was threatening harm to someone else on school grounds. As civilians, the two employees are not Security and they are not the police. They could lawfully use their firearms only in self-defense or to defend another person.

Several members of the board, including the two trustees-elect who have never become legal members of the board, almost go into shock at the mention of "firearm" or "gun". I suspect that none of them has ever had a gun pointed at them or has had to defend someone else.

I have two questions for each board member:

1. If you were a teacher and were barricaded in your classroom with 20 students and some madman with a gun was trying to break down your classroom door, wouldn't you wish you had a gun and knew how to use it?

2. If you are a parent, if a madman with a gun is trying to break into your child's classroom, won't you wish your teacher has a gun and knows how to use it?

Recommended reading:
Why Meadow Died, by Andrew Pollack
From Luby's to the Legislature, by Suzanna Gratia Hupp (don't miss the last 3-4 pages)

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ga. School District Arms Teachers

Compare the response at Laurens County, Georgia to the February 14, 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida with the response of the Richland 2 School District.

CBS46 News reported on November 13, 2019 with this headline:

Locked and loaded: CBS46 goes inside the first Georgia school district to arm its teachers

Read the story here.

What happened at the Richland 2 School Board meeting on February 27, 2018, when I proposed to the Board that it survey teachers, staff, parents and community members on the topic of arming teachers and staff?

You can view my remarks to the Board on the YouTube recording of the February 27, 2018 meeting here. Fast-forward to 30:05 on the counter to hear my comments.

What was the response from the Board? Nothing. Zip. Nada.

The CBS46 article reads, in part, "Laurens County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Dan Brigman spearheaded the initiative in 2018..."

Although then-Board Chair Craig Plank said in his remarks introducing the Public Participation segment that "...someone from the District office will be reaching out to you at the conclusion of your remarks or at a later date..." No one contacted me until after I emailed Mr. Plank to let him know that I had not been contacted. Very quickly thereafter, Supt. Davis called to tell me there would be no survey. I wondered when the Board decided that!

The article about the Georgia school district continued, "After weeks of research and planning, the initiative was voted on by the Board of Education in April of 2018. It passed unanimously..."

Should this be considered in Richland 2? Contact your elected Board members.

And post your comment below. Unless you assemble with other concerned parents and voters here, nothing will change.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

SRO Statistics for Richland 2

Are you interested in the School Resource Officer statistics for Richland 2 schools?

Today I was searching for more news about the threatened shooting at Ridge View High School that hit the local news on Wednesday, November 13, 2019. If you can find it, good luck. There seems to be nothing further in the new about that.

But what I did find was the Richland County Sheriff's Department's "2017-2018 SRO Program Arrest Report". The numbers at the end of the URL (080519) may indicate the date - August 5, 2019" - when the report was filed online by the Sheriff's Department.

This report includes information for all Richland County Schools, not just Richland 2.

As you read the report, keep in Andrew Pollock's book, Why Meadow Died.

The Youth Arbitration Program appears to be RCSD's answer to questions about the school-to-prison pipeline" that some people are all worried about.

I have a simple solution to doing away with such a pipeline. Teach kids not to do the crime. Then they won't have to be worried about doing the time.

Read about a deputy's "discretion" to "exercise every available diversionary option".

In the 2017-2018 school year RCSD deputies arrested 132 Richland 2 students.

One hundred thirty-two. 132. Only 132. How much did the State of South Carolina and Richland 2 spend per arrest? I don't have that answer, but RCSD and Richland 2 do.

At a recent school board meeting the Richland 2 put out cost figures per SRO. $130,000 per deputy PLUS about $55,000 in operating costs per deputy.

I'll venture a guess that not two dozen people in Richland 2 know about this report.

R2 Teachers - GOTCHA!

How many Richland 2 teachers and staff members became subject to Misconduct on October 29, 2019, when the School Board revised Board Policy GBEB?

Teachers should be lined up ten deep at future Board meetings, until the Board further revises GBEB and removes the sledge hammer now being held over the heads of all employees.

Why? Because, when you show up on-time (ha! even early) for work and park on school district grounds, you will very likely be violating GBEB. You will most likely be in possession of a weapon.

What's a "weapon"?

The Board inserted this addition to GBEB on October 29, 2019, without discussion. ""(See policy JICI for items categorized as weapons.)" 

How does JICI define "weapon"? It is "any item capable of inflicting injury or harm to persons or property when that item is not used in relation to a normal school activity at a scheduled time for the student. No vehicles parked on school property may contain firearms..."

The Policy does not say that you have to use such item as a weapon. It says that possession of such an item is the underlying cause. What do you have, when you arrive at school? Keys? Metal fingernail file? Hair spray? Tire iron? Golf club? Ballpoint pen? Sharpened No. 2 pencil? (Fill in the blank) Any of these could be used as a weapon. Right?

And you'd better leave your firearm at home, even if you have a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit. Because the Board stripped "unless otherwise authorized by law" from Policy GBEB.

Of course, you might try to defend yourself by saying, "But Policy JICI applies only to students." See how far that gets you.

Teachers, now is the time to wake up and dispute GBEB. Don't wait until one of you is caught up by it.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Re-zoning to affect Catawba Trail Elementary

At the end of the November 12, 2019 Board meeting, Supt. Davis mentioned (2:10:09 on the video-recording) that Richland 2 will hold a second public community meeting to get feedback on the re-zoning of two subdivisions.

The make-up meeting for parents concerned about the re-districting will be held on Monday, November 25, 2019 at 6:00PM at Bookman Road Elementary School.

Parents also can provide feedback on a form on the District's website. Visit this District webpage for more information. To find it directly, go the Click on Explore; click on News.

Richland 2 is proposing to re-zone Jacobs Creek and Forest Creek subdivisions from Catawba Trail Elementary to Bookman Road Elementary.

The proposal will be up for a vote at the Special Board Meeting scheduled for December 3, 2019, starting at 5:30PM.

NOTE: There is commonly no Public Participation segment scheduled at Special Board Meetings, and there has commonly been no voting by the Board at Special-Called Meetings. This appears to represent a change in Board practice.

No announcement of the November 25th meeting is on the Catawba Trail Elementary School calendar.

What are "wheels in a cog"?

Appreciation should be expressed to Trustees Shadd and Elkins-Johnson for not wasting the audience's time (and the time of others on the board) with useless comments during the Board & Superintendent's Comments portion at the end of the November 12, 2019 School Board meeting. And thanks to Trustee Agostini for her concise comments, which were clear and direct.

Trustee-elect Holmes wanted all to know that she has never lumped children together.

The prize last week goes to Trustee-elect Amelia McKie for telling all, as she proceeded to ramble through thanking just about everybody on the District staff, that "there are a lot of wheels in the cog". You can hear it for yourself at 2:07:13 on the YouTube recording.

Does she really need to hear her own voice? Thanking everyone for "taking care of our babies"??? What's wrong with just "Have a good evening" at the end of a 2-hour-plus meeting?

Citizens' Arrest

It worked in Clark County, Illinois. Could it work in Richland County, South Carolina?

A watchdog group performed a citizens' arrest on members of the Clark County Park District Board in 2014 for violating the Illinois Open Meetings Act "by not allowing the public to speak."

The sheriff showed up and did not halt the citizens' arrest.

Could it happen here?

Two trustees-elect of the Richland 2 School Board have never legally taken the oath of office. By sitting at the Board they are usurping public office, which is a crime under South Carolina Code of Laws Section 15-63-60.

Appeals to the Richland County Sheriff, SLED and the S.C. Attorney General's Office have not (yet) resulted in enforcement of South Carolina law.

One internet reference explains the use of a militia to enforce this law. 

The major problem with the two trustees-elect could be resolved in 60 seconds by their raising their right hands and taking the oath of office - legally. They became eligible to do so on December 4, 2018, after they filed the required Statements of Economic Interests with the South Carolina Ethics Commission. (They took the oath illegally on November 13, 2018.)

If they ever do take the oath legally, then the School District will have to review every decision made on and after November 13, 2018 (which in itself was an illegal Board meeting, because the term-of-office of the four elected on November 6, 2018 would not begin until November 16, 2018, one week after it was certified by the Richland County Board of Elections). Trustees-elect McKie and Holmes have voted on many Motions, and there were times when their votes swayed the decision one way or the other. All those votes will have to be corrected.

When this issue was first raised in February 2019, only three months' worth of decisions would have needed review. Now, 12 months of decisions must be reviewed.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The SRO "Industry"

Do parents really know what the cost is of having a law-enforcement officer in so many Richland 2 schools?

You can familiarize yourself with the issues and cost by viewing the video-recording of the October 29, 2019 School Board meeting. Find this on the Richland 2 website and on

Fast-forward to 29:30 where Harry Miley, CFO, explains about new money coming from the State of South Carolina for four new SROs, who will go on duty at elementary schools in January 2020. The deputies are planned for Killian, Langford, Catawba Trail and Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary Schools.

State funding has been approved and, after Richland County Council approves, State money will be paid to the Richland County Sheriff's Department for salaries and benefits for these four new deputies. Richland 2 School District will bear the expense of operating and equipment funds.

Deputies are provided by the Richland County Sheriff's Department under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Richland 2 School District.

What's the cost of one deputy under the MOU? $130,000 in capital costs, plus about $55,000 in operating costs. Per deputy!

Trustee-elect McKie made an assumptive statement about "all" board members. She should have spoken on her own behalf and let other board members speak for themselves. If a board member that night did not agree with her, most likely such board member would have held his or her tongue to avoid a dispute or conflict.

Trustee- elect Holmes launched a "in light of the times that we are living in, with the shootings that are going on..." statement. Richland 2 could post a deputy at every hallway corner in every school, if it wanted to pay for it. The voters won't pay for that. But here's a fact: the risk of a student's being killed by gunshot at school in the U.S. is 1 in 614,000,000. So, if the risk is infinitesimal, how much are you willing to spend to attempt to prevent it?

Having an SRO in a school will NOT prevent a school shooting. Does any school board member realize that? Having two armed Emergency Services employees wouldn't prevent it. Arming every teacher wouldn't prevent it. Arming every staff member won't prevent it. Arming every student would not prevent it.

Why was a shooting at Ridge View High School threatened earlier this week? The School Board should dig into the real cause and work on preventing that. Get at the cause!!!

The cause is a generation (or more than one) without the skills of conflict resolution, without respect for authority, into instant gratification, without conversational skills, without tolerance, without understanding.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Shooting Threat at Ridge View H.S.

Is Richland 2 School District running amok? Out-of-control?

The State newspaper reports today in a headline: "Shooting threat at Richland County high school leads to more deputies, investigation". Read the story here.

The story indicates that the threat was learned of "overnight", meaning last night (Tuesday night).

Reporter Noah Feit wrote the original story, which carries no names of student(s) involved in the threat.

Are Richland 2 schools primed for a crime like happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida? Order your copy of Why Meadow Died and read about the cause of those February 14, 2018 shootings. I recommend that hard-cover edition, so that you can mark it up, carry it to school board meetings, and pound away on the school board about some REAL ideas for making our schools safer.

What happened one year ago? 11/13/2018

What happened on November 13, 2018? And why is it important today?

On November 13, 2018 two trustee-elect (Amelia McKie and Teresa Holmes) were sworn in as Trustees of the Richland 2 School District.

Their term of office had not started yet, because it officially was to start one week after the election was certified. The November 6 election was not certified until November 9, so the term of office legally began November 16, 2018.

BUT the School Board held an official Regular Meeting on November 13, 2018. Prior to the meeting McKie and Holmes took the oath of office. They sat (illegally) at the Board desks on November 13, 2018, attended Executive Session, heard confidential student matters, then voted on student matters during the open session. And, I presume, got paid about $450 each for attending that meeting.

The problem?

Their term-of-office didn't begin until November 16 - three days later!

Most important, McKie and Holmes were not eligible to take the oath of office on November 13. They took it illegally. S.C. Code of Laws 8-13-1110(A) says you cannot take the oath of office unless you have filed the Statement of Economic Interests.

They had not filed those statements!

They finally filed them on December 4, 2018, after The Independent Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County contacted them and revealed to the world that McKie and Holmes had not filed the required reports.

So, on December 4, 2018, McKie and Holmes first became eligible to take the oath of office and, upon doing so, would have become legal members of the board.

But they have not done so. They are still trustees-elect. And they should not be sitting on the Board or attending Executive Sessions or voting on student matters or other District business or collecting a paycheck for doing so.

McKie should not have signed the documents as Board Chair for the $26,000,000 sale of Bond Anticipation Notes. Her posiiton as Board Chair, to which she was elected in June 2018, ended on November 6, 2018.

Why won't the School Board insist that this error be corrected? The Board has conducted business with only five legal trustees for the past 12 months!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Robert's Rules of Order and Richland 2

Earlier this year I commented on the usefulness of Robert's Rules of Order for running board meetings.

There was nary a peep from District 2 about it.

Then this past week-end I happened across Board Policy BE Board Meetings. Even though meetings are frequently long (and any outsider or consultant could tell them why), Policy BE is short.

It includes Parliamentary Procedure". Imagine that!

"The latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order will govern all matters not covered by the rules of the board."  Last revised 8/8/17.

Should the School Board utilize a professional parliamentarian? Could this help shorten meetings from four hours or from the two hours 40 minutes of the October 29, 2019 meeting?

What do you think the Board should do to shorten meetings? Please comment below.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

State of the District Meeting

Do you know about this public meeting?

Register for this free event on Search for "Richland 2". Registrations are accepted through November 13, even though the notice says November 7.

Just a few questions for Richland 2:

Why is this held on a Thursday morning, when most parents will be working or at home with kids? Sure, it's convenient for staff, but ...

Why isn't this event given prominent display on the District's website? Shouldn't it be on the homepage or at least listed in the events when you scroll to the bottom of the homepage? Or on the District's Calendar?

Will any members of the school board attend? They will have to be careful of the "rules" in order to avoid the breakfast becoming a "public meeting", subject to posting and Open Meeting rules under South Carolina FOIA rules. As of this morning, it is not listed an an upcoming public meeting.

Is the "Columbia Chamber" the Columbia Chamber of Commerce? This event is not listed on the Chamber of Commerce website, although a Small Business Northeast Connection Roundtable is scheduled on the Chamber's website at R2i2 on November 19.

Does Richland 2 consult with the public?

Title 59 Education, Chapter 19 School Trustees, Article 1 School Trustees requires school trustees (Richland 2's Board of Trustees is supposed to contain seven legally-seated trustees) to consult with the public.

According to the South Carolina Code of Laws, it's not optional; it's mandatory. The operative word in the Section is "shall".

The Section reads, in part,

SECTION 59-19-90. General powers and duties of school trustees.

The board of trustees shall also:

(4) Call meetings of electors for consultation. Call meetings of the qualified electors of the district for consultation in regard to the school interests thereof, at which meetings the chairman or other member of the board shall preside, if present;

The board of trustees shall call meetings ... for consultation.

Unfortunately, the legislators were sloppy in crafting this Section. There is no reference to frequency of such meetings. Or maybe they weren't sloppy' maybe they were just crafty. Did they realize they left the teeth of that Section? Of course, they did. Everything they do is carefully constructed to include, or exclude, certain words, meanings, requirements, directions.

When was the last meeting? When is the next meeting? Does the board actually "consult" with electors (voters)? Or does it do all of the talking and none of the listening?

Look at the wiggle room in the statute. There is room for none of the school trustees to attend. Amazing! who is to preside? "the chairman or other member of the board shall preside, if present." So who presides if no one from the board shows up? And how can the board consult with the public, if none of the board shows up???

What happened one year ago? 11/9/2018

On November 6, 2018 Amelia McKie was re-elected to the Richland 2 School Board, and Teresa Homes was elected to the School Board.

What happened on November 9, 2018?

On November 9 the Richland County Elections Commission certified the November 6th School Board election.

What did this mean?

This meant that McKie and Holmes were "qualified" to serve on the School Board. But only "qualified". Not yet "eligible" to serve.

How were they to become "eligible"?

To become eligible, they would have to file Statements of Economic Interests with the South Carolina Ethics Commission. After doing so, they would then be "eligible" to take the oath of office.

BUT they did it backwards. They took the oath of office on November 13, and they didn't file their Statements of Economic Interests until December 4, 2018.

This meant that the oath of office, taken on November 13, had and has no legal force or effect. In other words, they did not become legal members of the School Board when they took the oath of office.

And because they have not taken the oath of office since December 4, 2018, they have NEVER become legal members of the Board.

What does that mean? Come back here on November 13, 2019.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Teachers - are you subject to Misconduct?

Notice to Richland 2 Teachers:

When the School Board approved the revision of Board Policy GBEB Staff Conduct on October 29, 2019, did you become subject to risk of a Misconduct charge?

At the October 29, 2019 School Board meeting, that seemed to be the case. But the wording in GBEB got changed somewhere between the end of the Board Meeting and publication of the revised Policy.

Read the revised Policy and the now-unemphasized line "possessing weapons on school property (unless otherwise authorized by law)".

The Policy now reads differently than approved by the School Board at its October 29, 2019 Regular Meeting. On that night the Board approved this language: "possessing weapons on district [sic] property (See policy JICI for items categorized as weapons.)"

On October 29 the Board removed "(unless otherwise authorized by law)" and did not accept the previously-proposed addition of "and the superintendent". It added "(See policy JICI for items categorized as weapons.)" At 1:05:34 on the YouTube recording of the October 29, 2019 School Board meeting Trustee-elect Amelia McKie was allowed to re-state her motion - "I move to approve Policy GBEB Staff Conduct as presented." Note that it was "presented" as removing "(unless otherwise authorized by law) and the superintendent" and including the "See policy JICI..." language.

But the relevant line in Board Policy GBEB, as it now reads on the District's website, states that (Misconduct includes) "possessing weapons on school property (unless otherwise authorized by law)"

In JICI a weapon is, generally, any item that could be used as a weapon.

How did "(See policy JICI for items categorized as weapons.)" get dropped from the version published now under Board Policies on the District's website? JICI never should have been part of the revision of GBEB, because JICI applies to students, not to staff or other employees. But the Board approved inserting it.

It can't just be dropped somewhere between the end of the Board meeting and the publication of the revision on the website.

Did the School Board understand the implications of dropping "(unless otherwise authorized by law)" from the Policy on October 29? Who added it back in? And who changed the word "district" (in the version before the Board) to "school" (in the published Policy), modifying property?

Would it have been a good idea for the School Board to request advice on wording from the gun community? Terminology in firearms laws is confusing. One of the problems, as I see it, is that the majority on the Board appears to be left-leaning and anti-gun. This is why involving the community is important.

[Edited 11/10/19: It may be that the staff just hasn't gotten around yet to publishing the revised Policy GBEB, because the revision date of 10/29/19 does not appear in the Policy that can be viewed online.]

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What happened one year ago? 11/6/2018

On November 6, 2018 Amelia McKie was re-elected to the Richland 2 School Board, and Teresa Holmes was elected to the Board.

South Carolina Code of Laws Section 59-19-315 reads:

"Commencement of trustee's term of office.

"The term of office of every elected trustee of a school district must commence one week following the certification of his election."

Keyword: must

When was the November 6, 2018 election certified? 

According to the Richland County Board of Elections office, the November 6, 2018 election was certified on November 9, 2018.

When is one week following the certification of that election? November 16, 2018.

However, Richland 2 conducted a school board meeting on November 13, three days before the election.

McKie and Holmes took the oath of office on November 13, 2018 and sat that evening on the Board.

Come back here on November 13 for more about serious problems that started on November 13.