Friday, November 29, 2019

Resistance (At All Costs). Seriously?

Are Richland 2 students being educated in the conservative or liberal tradition? Or are they being indoctrinated?

Are they being taught to explore the several sides to issues? Or are they being spoon-fed a point-of-view and expected to believe it? Are discussion and debate ("argument") encouraged? Do they understand that to "argue" a point-of-view doesn't mean to ball up their fists, shout curses, threaten, display weapons?

I happen to believe that the vast majority of today's teachers and administrators are left-leaning in their political views and that they do not park their views at the curb on school days. And it has been that way for years, which is why the younger generations do not fear Socialism.

Look at the current reaction of the school board to a discussion of weapons. Look what happens when "gun" or "firearm" is mentioned. By the way, guns are not the focus of this book.

I encourage you to read Resistance (At All Costs) - How Trump Haters Are Breaking America, by Kimberley Strassel. You can buy it or you can borrow it through the Richland Library system. The library was very responsive to my request to acquire the book and ordered it without delay.

Author Strassel is on the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. She summarizes very well the atmosphere that exists during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Rather than make up your mind about what you think she says, read her book. Understand what "the Resistance" is doing to America. Take a stand. Is this the future you want for yourself, your children, your grandchildren?

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