Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Trustee Monica Scott - new email address

The District has finally created a District-server email address for Monica Scott. Her official email address is

How many months ago (years?) did I urge the District to do that? Two years? Three?

Having all official emails on the District's server is essential under public records laws. As I wrote then, one day in the future that trustee (or trustees, as the case was, because Teresa Holmes also used a personal gmail address) would no longer be in office, whether by death, resignation, completion of term, failure to be re-elected, retirement, etc.

And then, very recently, the State Inspector General's Report was released, and bingo! Monica now has a District email address.

Why didn't the District just use common sense when the suggestion was made way back then? 

The District created an official email address for Teresa Holmes earlier this year, but it allowed her to continue to use her gmail address and published it on the District's website. I guess the District just couldn't figure out how to say NO to Teresa. Was the "equity" at work? Or "privilege"?

That personal email address has now been removed from the Board Member webpage.

Maybe Richland 2 will create a Wall for me at R2i2 and recognize me for the highest number of good suggestions submitted - and never considered or implemented.

And the Winners Are ...

Congratulations to the winners of the Richland 2 school board election!

Angela Nash, 14.06%, 17975 votes
Tamika Schuler Washington, 13.32%, 17022 votes
Niki Porter, 10.35%, 13324 votes
Joe Trapp, 9.78%, 12504 votes

They join Lindsay Agostini, Monica Scott and Lashonda McFadden as Trustees.

Assuming that the Richland County Elections Commission certifies the vote by November 11th, these four will be sworn in as Trustees at the special-called board meeting on November 18, 2022, at 5:30PM, at R2i2. 

The District began complying with State law in 2020, after disregarding it for ten years and installing newly-elected board members one week after the election. The law is that the term-of-office begins one week after the election is certified.

After these four are sworn in and seated, the full board will need to elect officers for the balance of the School Year (to June 30, 2023). All current officers will have left the board.