Monday, May 31, 2021

Are boys girls?

Read this article about the Loudoun County, Va. school district, which recently stomped on a teacher who won't call a boy a girl. Read it here. Elementary school teacher Byron Cross spoke out at a school board meeting on May 25. And on May 27, Ka-bam!!! "You're outa here!" What kind of idiots are on that school board. Woke-ism at its worst!!!

Is there any chance that this nonsense is gaining traction in the Richland 2 School District?

Should a teacher be required to address a gender-confused male, who wants to be a female, as "she"?

And what about the poor student who is sitting next to a boy, and the boy wants to be called "Mary"? Should that student be penalized, disciplined, graded down or sent to the principal's office?

Who on the Richland 2 School Board thinks this way? Anyone?

Comments below, please.