Sunday, June 14, 2020

R2 Trustee Shadd owes $50,000 in tax liens

I was catching up on my newspaper reading tonight. Look what I found!

The Independent Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County newspaper published an article on June 11 about tax lien debts of Richland 2 School Board member James Shadd. Read that article by clicking here.

Shadd owes personal and law-practice back taxes. You can read the breakdown in Michael Smith's article.

These three sentences in The Voice really tell it all.

"Shadd said he’s working to resolve the tax liens, calling them a 'personal matter.'
“'I am actively working to make sure that I take care of those matters,' he said.
"Shadd didn’t think owing $50,000 in unpaid income taxes impedes his ability to vote on multi-million dollar budget matters."
Sometimes people get behind on their taxes for one year, maybe two.

Shadd's record ought to disqualify him totally from an elected position on the school board where, as he says, he is one of seven trustees directing the budget.

From my point-of-view, he is one of five legal trustees. Two women on the board have never taken the oath of office legally after becoming eligible to do so, and they never should have been allowed to serve on the board since their 2018 election. Those women are Amelia McKie and Teresa Holmes.

McKie is infamous for her unpaid debt to the South Carolina Ethics Commission, which filed a $51,750 judgment against her in July 2019. The Ethics Commission recently indicated that McKie has made no payment toward her debt.

Shadd's term of office as School Board Trustee ends in November. Will he run for re-election?

Will it matter to the public that he hasn't paid taxes for a number of years. Should it matter?

Of course, it should matter. His opinion is that owing $50,000 doesn't impede his abiliity to vote. To vote, all he needs is the energy to press Yes or No on his school-issued tablet.

Being able to comprehend the important matters and make good decisions? Well, you be the judge.