Saturday, October 15, 2022

Index of the Richland 2 Clown Show

 This Index will help you find comments, but watch the whole 35 minutes.

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1:25 Holmes. Stay Woke

1:38 Old news about Trustee Scott who was accosted and baited in the R2i2 lobby in Jan. 2019.

2:20 Parent speaking on 6/29/21

2:38 Chair cuts off parent at 3:00 mark

2:47 Larry Smalls. Hands off my kids about gender. Chair cuts him off as soon as time expires.

3:18 Holmes adjourns to Executive Session without acknowledging “No” votes. Argues with Agostini. Holmes says she will conduct meeting as she sees fit.

4:04 Trustee Scott departs 9/14/21 (before vote on supt. contract)

4:14 Trustee Agostini agrees with Dr. Scott and departs

4:20 Holmes delays calling on Trustee McFadden, disrespectfully saying “I’m sure you are going to join the rest.” Holmes interrupts and argues with McFadden.

4:48 Caution-Parker says, “You do not want to hear what I’m going to say.”

5:00 Manning refers to email from a community member (me) asking board members to walk out of a meeting.

5:40 Holmes argues with Trustee Scott.

6:16 Trustee Agostini calls a Point-0f-Order. Holmes ignores it. Agostini again calls a Point of Order. Holmes says, “Mrs. Agostini, I AM the point of order at this time. I’m speaking.”

6:29 Philpott reads bitter email from Holmes on 10/26/21.

8:17 Monica Glowinski speaks on 10/26/21 about disrupting and stifling public participation.

8:45 Holmes uses the Royal “We” in a patronizing tone.

9:30 Philpott speaks at public participation on 10/26/21 while wearing t-shirt, “I’m a Dad, not a domestic terrorist”. McKie not paying attention.

10:10 Joe Trapp speaks on 10/26/21

10:28 Agostini questions Holmes’ vote in favor of a motion. Holmes unilaterally changed her vote, improperly per Robert’s Rules of Order. Holmes said she had a right to change her mind. NO, not after the vote was announced. RONR provides the way to do, which Holmes did not follow.

11:05 Several speakers on 10/26/21 criticize the board to task for so much adverse news in media, for CRT indoctrination, sexualization of children.

12:36 Philpott addresses board on 11/16/21. Caution-Parker inattentive.

12:40 Supt. Davis said that two years ago he didn’t know what CRT was.

13:25 David Oberly challenged Privilege.

14:10 Holmes improperly talks over Trustee McFadden, who had the floor.

14:50 Many talking at the same time. Chaos!

15:05 Caution-Parker calls out Trustee Scott, pointing her finger in a scolding manner.

15:35 Larry Smalls addresses board regarding poor relationships with parents.

15:45 Ethan Lopez addresses board on 1/11/22 about respect between trustees.

16:12 Philpott addresses board on 1/11/22. Holmes improperly corrected Philpott about attempting to say that Trustee McFadden had correctly (done something). Holmes was wrong AT MANY MEETINGS about the speaking of names. Board Policy does not prohibit mentioning names.

15:30 Media report about 1/25/22 event, but incorrect date of 1/11/22 embedded in video.

18:00 Mary Livermore speaks to board.

18:39 Larry Smalls speaks to board. Manning cuts him off at end of time and cuts off microphone.

19:23 Student Ethan Lopez addresses board on 3/8/22 about being cussed out by Mrs. Davis on 1/25/22. Holmes cautions him after he says “district leader’s wife” and tells Lopez “no names”. Manning interrupted, calling it a “personnel matter”. McFadden stood up for Lopez. Holmes says she would “let” Lopez continue.

21:10 WIS-TV clip of interview on 1/25/22 with Pamela Davis. Says she did not use any profanity. Says a board member’s comment was “very hurtful.”

22:00 Ethan Lopez addresses board on 3/8/22 about Pamela Davis’ comments to him on 1/25/22. Say District pushed it (the 1/25/22 incident) under the rug. He had watched a cop and school board (member) restrain him (Supt. Davis).

22:50 TV reporter says Mrs. Davis said she didn’t do anything inappropriate on 1/25/22. [Shouting “I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. DON’T TALK TO ME! GET AWAY FROM ME!” at a man who was politely introducing himself is “not doing anything inappropriate”?]

23:15 More by Ethan Lopez on 2/8/22.

23.38 David Gayle addresses the board on 2/8/22.

23:48 Conclusion of Craig Conwell’s (Khanwell) vicious, racist, threatening remarks at the 2/8/22 board meeting. No challenge at all from Holmes or Davis. Had a white man spoken that way at the meeting, he would have been carried out!!!

23:56 McKie expresse being offended. Oh, sob, sob, sob. Pass the Kleenex.

24:12 President Bush. Hard work.

24:35 Caution-Parker complains about the “git-cha” [sic] (Most people call it a “gotcha”). Trustee McFadden commits the unpardonable sin of addressing Caution-Parker as “Ms. Parker”. Caution-Parker responds nastily and disrespectfully with “It’s Dr. Parker. Doctor Parker. DOCTOR. CHERYL. CAUTION. PARKER !!!”

24:57 Holmes. “Stay woke”

25:06 Audio recording of 4/28/22 executive session, recorded in violation of Board Policy by (I have the name but have not been able to confirm it with him.) Holmes is clearly baiting and patronizing Trustee McFadden.

25:40 Woman speaker at 5/24/22 board meeting about the 4/28/22 executive session, referring to Holmes’ “taunting” of Trustee McFadden.

27:35 Blythewood Academy student speaks to board about discipline problems at school and profane language used by teachers.

28:11 Philpott addresses board on 10/11/22. “Richland 2 school district is about to take a huge leap forward.”

28:30 McFadden was speaking. Scott interrupted. Chair further interrupted and chastised Trustee Scott. McKie then spoke unnecessarily, acting like she was the board chair.

29:10 Caution-Parker speaks on 10/11/22 against Cash Advances to board members for travel. Scott brings up unnecessary car rentals, referring to Holmes’ $807.30 car rental and parking at the April NASB conference in San Diego. Caution-Parker doesn’t understand Advances. Manning makes irrelevant comment about per-diem. Agostini asked who approves expenses after travel. Agostini had the floor, but Manning continued to interrupt and argue with her.

34:00 Manning made a completely irrelevant, improper and racially-oriented comment about what he thought was a different standard for travel permissions between previous white superintendents and Supt. Davis, who is black. Manning said that was a statement of fact. Trustee Scott objected strong to his statement. Caution-Parker chimed in with support for Manning’s statement.

35:00 Holmes: “You need to Stay Woke”

And with that the Clown Show ended. Will there be a sequel?