Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Unusual start to Board Meeting

Tonight's School Board meeting had an unusual start. All board members were in their seats at 6:30PM. Board Chair James Manning began speaking, but there was considerable noise in the room due to conversations in the audience. He did not rap the gavel to gain attention before speaking.

All of whatever he said could not be heard, and then all board members stood and left the room, leaving the superintendent alone at the front of the room. About seven minutes later they all came back and took their seats, and Mr. Manning opened the meeting.

Too bad he didn't speak into his microphone. He said something about the Moment of Inspiration, and next thing I knew people had bowed their heads in silence.

That was certainly inspiring!

And then the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and the meeting took off.

Teachers: contact Board member re Your Records

At tonight's Richland 2 School Board meeting, there was a long discussion about revisions to Board Policy GBJ, found as Item 12.6, Personnel Records and Files, in the agenda for tonight's meeting.

To read the Policy and proposed revision, click on Item 12.6 in the agenda, and then click on the attachment in the "Agenda Item Details" window that opens.

Dr. Elkins-Johnson raised significant points about whether a Principal or Immediate Supervisor should have access to a teacher's HR records. If you are teacher, you will want to watch the YouTube video, which will be posted on about July 25. The discussion was in progress at about the 59:20 mark on the meeting recording timer.

Dr. Elkins-Johnson was emphatic that a principal and a teacher's immediate supervisor should not have access to a teacher's HR records. Teresa Holmes joined Dr. Elkins in her strong position.

Unfortunately, when the motion was put to a vote, the vote was 2-4 (Failed). Only Elkins-Johnson and Holmes voted in support of limiting inspection of a teacher's HR file.

During the closing comments by Board members and the superintendent, Dr. Elkins requested teachers to let her know how they feel about it.

Email Dr. Elkins at puttingstudentsfirst2012@gmail.com.  If you want to telephone her, her phone number is listed on the School Board's webpage.