Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Teresa says, "Stay Woke"

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15-year-old with gun at RNE

Just last Tuesday, February 8, 2022, Trustee James Manning told parents that their children are safe in Richland 2 schools.

Yesterday WACH-TV reported the arrest of a 15-year-old male student at Richland North East High School for possession of an unloaded handgun. Well, maybe, since the kid was 15, he was merely "detained"; you know, taken into custody. Can minors be "arrested"? A minor with a gun at school should definitely be arrested. He just jumped to the head of the school-to-prison pipeline!

WACH-TV reported the student was charged with "... possession of a firearm on school property, possession of a pistol under 18, possession of a stolen firearm and unlawful carry of a handgun".

Let me guess that the kid was not signed up for Rocket Science classes. Did he miss the Memo about no-guns-at-school?

Parents, should you feel relaxed and relieved by Manning's words? After all, police did not find bullets. Are you wondering if one of the kid's buddies was packing the ammo?

What was it that Manning said last Tuesday? Here is a portion of his statement during Board & Supt. Comments:

" I do want to make the public aware, I feel like there is an effort right now to state that this is not a safe district because of gun violence, fights, threats; you've heard those words a lot. It's just the tip of the iceberg ... And the Sheriff has said that there, knock on wood, has not been a school shooting in a school where there has been a resource officer. We, Richland County, the Sheriff's Department, I reached out on a couple of issues that have come to us from Sheriff Lott, and I said, "Hey, I'm hearing there are issues at schools" and he clearly communicated that there is not a problem at schools. There were a few small fights. They were addressed. About kids fighting at schools since forever. I mean, but this is a safe district. I wanna make sure the parents aren't coming to these meetings, somehow believing that their child is at risk for attending a Richland School District Two school. That is not the case. ... There are things going on, things going on with teachers every day. ..."

Trustee McFadden tried to find out about guns in schools. How did Supt. Davis react? That has been a topic at school board meetings. She says she is under a legal restriction now not to talk to him. Seriously? A superintendent gets away with trying to silence a school board member? Just about anywhere else, that superintendent would be told to pack his bags.

How many guns have been taken away from students at Richland 2 schools?

So, parents, no need to worry about guns at schools or fights or anything else. Manning says so.