Sunday, October 16, 2022

Voter Guide by League of Women Voters

Use this Voter Guide to learn more about the candidates in the Richland 2 School Board race.

The Columbia League of Women Voters has published candidates' answers to three questions at

Early voting starts October 24th, and you can vote at R2i2. But don't vote too soon.  Early Voting ends on Saturday, November 5th. Election Day is November 8.

If you vote too soon and change your mind, you can't change your vote.

Vote for Eric Rovelli for Richland 2 School Board


Go to and watch his video on "School Board Management". You can get to the video right from his homepage. It is short and to the point.

Eric understands the function of a board. He is a businessman with business experience, which is just what the Richland 2 School Board needs.

Read over his website and watch his other videos. Mark your ballot FOR Eric Rovelli.

Early voting starts October 24, but don't vote too soon. Do your homework.