Friday, June 23, 2023

June 27 Board Agenda - marathon?

The agenda for the last board meeting of the school year (June 27, 2023) has been published, and it's a doozy.

5:30 Executive Session - SIX ITEMS
6:30 Public Hearing - Budget
Inspiration Moment - hope for a 2-minute "moment"
Consent Agenda
Public Participation 1
Voting on Executive Session items
New Business - Action Requested - FIVE ITEMS
New Business - Action No Requested - Two Items
Draft Agenda
Public Participation 2
Executive Session 2, if needed
Voting on Executive Session 2 items
Old Business - Action Requested - Re: Supt.
Board Officer Elections for 2023-2024
Board & Supt. Comments

WOW! Bring your X-Large cup of strong coffee and NoDoz. If that doesn't work, bring your pillow and blankie.

How about revising the agenda on Monday?
Pledge of Allegiance
Report on status of job offer to supt. candidate
Elect officers for next year
Go home at 7:30PM

You're worn out.
We're worn out.

Offer goes to Candidate X

And the winner is ........

Candidate X

At today's Special-Called Board Meeting the board voted to extend the position of superintendent to Candidate X.

The Special-Called Meeting started at 1:00PM and, after a hiccup in getting the Motion to enter executive session, the Board did so at 1:03PM. Trustee Niki Porter was absent from the meeting.

The Board returned at 3:55PM. 16 hearty souls were tuned in remotely.

After the Motion to re-convene, Chair Agostini (she must be exhausted) asked for a motion to adjourn. Oops. Then she asked for a motion for executive session.

Then Trustee Washington made a Motion to enter into contract negotiations with Candidate X. The motion was seconded by Trustee Scott.

SURPRISE! For those of us who sat around for three hours expecting to hear the name of the selected finalist, we were greatly disappointed.

The vote was 6-0-0-1  (Yea-Nay-Abstain-Not Present at Vote)

Trustee Nash moved to adjourn the June 22, 2023 special-called board meeting. She had to be corrected, because today is June 23.

To view the portion of the meeting after the executive session, go to and advance the timer bar to 2:59:04

Perhaps I'm the only one who mistakenly thought the board might announce its choice. Could the Chair or the interim superintendent have said earlier in the week, "So that there won't be any misunderstanding on Friday, the board will not announce the name of its choice on Friday. A contract offer will likely be extended, and the name will not be released until the offer is accepted and negotiations have been completed."

An Embarrassing Opening of 6/23 Board Meeting

Be sure to watch the opening of what may be the most important board meeting of the current school year. This Special-Called Board Meeting is the one where the board will likely vote on which of the three Finalists will get the offer of the superintendent's position.

Six trustees were present; Niki Porter was not. No roll call was taken. There was no explanation given for her absence. 

You'll notice right away that Angela Nash is seriously distracted by whatever is going on with her purse on the floor.

After the standard motion to adopt the agenda, Chair Agostini asked for a motion to go into executive session.

It was the Secretary's place to make the motion, but she was still distracted. Vice Chair Scott looked at Nash but didn't say anything to her. And what happened? 

Nothing. Nothing is what happened! Silence for ten seconds!

And Chair Agostini waited. And waited. Finally Trustee McFadden made the motion to go into executive session.

That was flat embarrassing. Kudos to Chair Agostini for waiting it out.

How long will they be in executive session?