Saturday, September 11, 2021

Intimidation? Indoctrination?

Read this article from the Heritage Foundation titled "North Carolina Report Highlights Indoctrination in Classrooms. Here Are 6 Stories From Parents and Faculty".

Is this occurring in Richland 2 schools?

Are students learning that they'd better come up with an answer the teacher likes or they'll be graded down? If they disagree with a teacher's political views expressed in the classroom, will they suffer grade-wise? Or do all teachers encourage open discussion and encourage thoughtful expression on topics that are popular today?

Richland 2 has invested in USC Prof. Gloria Boutte's "Culturally Relevant Pedagogy". Do you even know what that is? Look back at the video of a brief presentation about that CRT on the District's website during the March 26, 2019 board meeting. For my blogpost about that, click here.

And what about the superintendent's "100 Premier Men of Color" program. He told the board a while back that he is not evaluated on that program, at least part of which is designed to put "more faces" in front of students like those in the classroom seats. Meaning, more black teachers. If he is not evaluated on it, why is the District allowed time and money to be spent on it?

The last time I was able to find teacher demographics on the District's website, white and black teachers comprised almost the same 38% make-up of teachers. Why is it important to have a black teacher in front of a classroom of mostly black students? Is that preparing those students for the "real" world, where they will comprise 14% of the U.S. population?

Do your ears perk up when you hear (or read) these words and ideas? - Critical Race Theory, white privilege, white supremacy, gender identity, woke, equality, equity, gender transition, bias, discrimination, racist, the privilege game, display of racial or political preferences in schools.

When you show up at school board meetings and speak out, demand answers. The Board chair will say, "We don't respond at meetings." You can read that as "We saw your lips move for three minutes. Now sit down!" Did they listen? Ask when they will respond. Ask them to  respond in public at the next meeting.