Monday, February 22, 2021

The Voice Nails R2 Board

The Voice of Blythewood & Fairfield County laid into the Richland 2 School Board about its February 9, 2021 board meeting. You can read that paper's February 18th article right here.

What went on at that meeting bears close scrutiny by the public.

Board members are having trouble getting items added to the agenda for a subsequent board meeting. One problem is that board members do not understand Robert's Rules of Order and how the Rules apply in conjunction with Board Policies. Their lack of specific knowledge puts them at a disadvantage when dealing with the Board Chair and the Superintendent, who also don't fully understand either.

Board members seem reluctant to argue forcefully for following correct procedures, because they don't really understand correct procedures. 

For example, when a board member makes a motion, the next step is a second. Until there is a second, there should not be any discussion. 

Board members should support any member who makes a motion on any item. Unless it's "Don't try to confuse me with facts; my mind is made up."

After a second to the motion, then there is discussion. This should be discussion by the Board. Too often, the superintendent leaps in with "Point of personal privilege" and then he continues as if he is entitled to continue speaking. He is not! The Chair should stop him, but he doesn't. 

After the Board has discussed a seconded Motion, then (and only then) should the superintendent provide any input that it wanted. And only after the Chair has recognized the superintendent to speak. 

The Board should insist that this process is followed. When it's not, a board member should object by saying, "Point of Order." 

Discussion then stops until the Point-of-Order is discussed and resolved.

Read the article on or on the paper's Facebook page.

The ending of that article reminded me of Pres. Biden's call for "unity". His version of unity is that everybody should agree with him. That isn't how unity works. If Richland 2 wants unity, agreement, harmony, cohesiveness among board members, it needs some strong coaching, guidance, advice from experts who will just tell them the truth.