Thursday, April 13, 2023

Waiting for "Superman"

Just watched a great documentary released in 2010 titled "Waiting for 'Superman' ". Prominent in the story is Michelle Rhee, who was school chancellor in the Washington, DC schools from 2007-10. She then founded StudentsFirst, a political lobbying organization for school reform. This documentary was mentioned in Betsy DeVos' book, Hostages No More.

My copy came from Netfix DVD service. Amazon Prime has it for $3.99 (rental). Richland Library has it on its streaming service. Put your library card to good use.

The producers offered some "interesting" comments about tenure and the two national teachers' unions.

As I watched it, I found myself thinking of one particular, long-time teacher in the Richland Two schools, and I wondered what that teacher's Report Card would look like.

Sure glad the school board got a good cleansing last November. Two long-term "educators", as they often described themselves, are gone. 

There was a popular question when I was a salesman years ago. When a person said he had 35 or 40 years' experience, did he grow throughout that experience or did he really have one year of experience 35-40 times?