Monday, June 12, 2023

Read about CCSD's supt. search

Read the Post and Courier's article about the superintendent search by Charleston County School District that ended with just one candidate.

Here's the story

You'll be able to read it, even if you aren't a P&C subscriber.

What will the story be about Richland Two's search?

Look at this schedule of Board Meetings!

This is the schedule of Richland 2 board meetings that are posted on the District's website today.

June 12 4:30pm Special-Called Board Meeting
June 13 6:30pm* Regular Board Meeting
June 20 7:00pm Special-Called Board Meeting
June 21 7:00pm Special-Called Board Meeting
June 22 7:00pm Special-Called Board Meeting
June 23 1:00pm Special-Called Board Meeting

* 6:30pm is the expected time for the Board to re-convene after the Executive Session

June 20-22 Finalist interviews with Board and Stakeholder Groups.

June 23 Scheduled date for Board to offer superintendent position

June 27 __?_pm Regular Board Meeting. Last Board meeting of School Year 2022-2023. Election of officers for SY 2023-2024. Announcement of new superintendent.

Will June 27th be a short meeting? Elect new officers. Thank out-going officers. Announce the new superintendent. Go home. One hour?

July 3 Start date for new superintendent.

Will the Board have exhausted its number of paid meetings by June 30th? Board Policy BID provides that board members "will not be paid for more than 30 board meetings in any one calendar year".

The calendar year ends December 31, 2023. Does this mean the Board will work without compensation from July 1 to December 31?

Or will the Board revise Policy BID? Can they change their own compensation while in office? Is there a state law that prohibits that?

Can they meet the Timeline? or not?

On the superintendent-search Timeline for today is 
1) Presentation of Candidates to the Board of Education; and
2) Board of Education Determines Finalists.

I guess no one told McPherson & Jacobson that Richland 2 does not have a "Board of Education". 

Aside from that, how will the School Board "determine" Finalists today? Does that have to be done in open session?

Interviews with finalists will be June 20-22. Finalists are apparently expected to be interviewed by the stakeholders' groups. In the stakeholder input report, the following groups are mentioned:  "administrators, business and community leaders, classified staff, community members, parents, students and teachers". Oh, yes, and by the Board members (I hope).

If I were a candidate, I'd say, "You guys must be nuts to think I am going to be interviewed by six stakeholder groups!"

Who pays the expenses for candidates to come for interviews (last-minute flights; hotels; ground transportation; meals)? Is that part of the search fee paid to McPherson & Jacobson? Or does Richland 2 foot the bill?

The timeline provides for the decision to be made by the Board on June 23.

And for the Board to announce the new Superintendent on June 27. And for him/her (assuming the Board will select a male or female) to start on July 3.

Where is the time allowed for negotiation of salary, benefits, etc.? Where is the time allowed to consider the offer?

If the person selected is employed, where is the time for him or her to give a responsible amount of time for the notice of resignation?