Friday, May 28, 2021

School Board Officer election - just around the corner

Get ready for the 2022 school board race right here in Richland County. Two trustees will be up for re-election: Manning and Caution-Parker. And you can count on trustees-elect McKie and Holmes to run again. 

The big problem? McKie and Holmes aren't even legitimate members of the Richland 2 school board.

Holmes said a while back that she wants to be board chair. It would be nice if she became a legitimate board member first. Will The Squad elect Holmes as Board Chair on June 29?

Perhaps one day soon the S.C. Supreme Court will address the usurping of public office by McKie and Holmes, who have never taken the oath of office legally

Contact school board members now, and ask them to be responsible in their election of Board Officers on June 29. 

Decide for yourself which trustees (or trustees-elect) have gone "woke" and elect responsible, conservative replacements in November 2022. 

Learn the dangers of Critical Race Theory and to what extent it is being implemented in Richland 2. Are the elements of it present, but it's just not being called by its name?

Watch out for the smoke-and-mirrors routine. All you have to do is attend (or watch) a couple of school board meetings. If a question is to be answered or an explanation give, you can be certain that if 15 words will suffice, a dissertation of 3-5 minutes will magically appear.

Last Tuesday's board meeting was over 3 hours. Inexcusable!!!