Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Months of Threats? Baloney

Supt. Baron Davis told the Post and Courier about "months of threatening messages to board members and him.

Has he been drinking the same Kool-Aid as the National School Boards Association?

I'd like to see his stack of threatening messages. Has he reported each and every one to the Richland County Sheriff's Department? to SLED? to the FBI? Well???

See today's article, which follows disruptive actions by both Supt. Davis and his wife Pamela Davis, a teacher at Blythewood High School, at the January 25th school board meeting.

He told the reporter that he was concerned about the safety of his wife and other school officials.

Why did Mrs. Davis shift into violent, angry, shouting mode, when I introduced myself to her last night? Has Baron been taking too much work home?

She had a hair-trigger anger-control mechanism, or maybe none at all. And that's how she was in public, with plenty of school security officers and sheriff's deputies all over the place.

At each school meeting I have thanked the deputies and security officers for being there to protect the public from the school board. Now I'll also thank them for protecting us from the superintendent and his wife.

I didn't know about Trustee Scott's request to put both Davises on leave during an investigation. That should happen. It won't happen, because The Core Four (Holmes, McKie, Caution-Parker and Manning) will vote against it. Agostini, Scott and McFadden will vote in favor, but the vote to discipline will be 3-4 and fail.

Teresa Holmes, herself an illegitimate member of the Richland 2 school board, flat out lied to the Post and Courier, when  "Holmes told The Post and Courier that the people at the center of the disruption before the meeting have been part of a coordinated effort similar to other areas of the country to disrupt board members and oust those they feel disagree with them politically."

Just last night Holmes spoke about slander and libel. I'm sure my attorney will be interested in her comment. I can state unequivocally that I am not, and never have been, part of any such coordinated effort. 

The people who caused the disruptions last night were Baron Davis and Pamela Davis. Baron earns $244,000 from Richland 2, and Pamela Davis earns $78,000+. Disgusting, isn't it? And Baron draws additional money from his side-hustles; at least three of them.

Baron Davis played with race card with the Post and Courier reporter. 

People don't dislike him because he's black. Just like people don't dislike Holmes and McKie, because they are black. It's not the "black" part that people don't like. It's "who" they are, all three, that people don't like. I wouldn't like them if they were white, brown, red, yellow or green or any other color. 

Richland 2 "Trepass Notices" - how many?

How many residents of the Richland School District Two have been issued Trespass Notices by the school district?

I know of two. 

But there must be more. Read this great article in FitsNews

Start asking around. Let me know. Ask parents and community members who received Trespass Notices to contact me at or just post a comment below.

The Trespass Letter I saw a couple of months ago provided no End-Date or Appeal Process. That doesn't mean there isn't either.

Should the District, in its "infinite wisdom", actually issue one to me, it will find I shall react with every legal means available to me. 

A friend today asked me what would satisfy me.

First, let me say what will not satisfy me. If I get a call from Baron Davis or Pamela Davis, and he or she says, "Nothing personal, pal", that's not going to cut it.

A sincere written apology?

Rescission of  the expected Trespass Notice?

That'll be a start. But then it's going to cost the School District "a little something" for the defamation that occurred last night, when Security Director Marq Claxton threatened me with the Trespass Letter. 

Chair's flop on Procedure; Holmes wrong AGAIN

(Sort of) Board Chair Holmes blew parliamentary procedures AGAIN on the Consent Agenda.

Result? The official Minutes of the January 11, 2022 meeting have been approved WITH MAJOR ERRORS.  But does the board, including the Board Secretary, care???

At the January 25th board meeting, when the Consent Agenda was to be approved, McKie made the motion and Caution-Parker seconded.

Trustee Agostini moved to remove the Minutes of the past meeting from the Consent Agenda. 

What did Holmes say? She asked if Trustee Agostini was making a Motion. HELLO??? DUH......

How many meetings will it take to train Holmes in parliamentary procedures??? When someone says, "I move...", she is making a motion. Somebody, please explain that to Teresa. The supt. should explain it to her. Manning, the Vice-Chair, could/should explain it. McKie, the Board Secretary (sort of) could explain it. Maybe.

I've written before that, as soon as Agostini begins speaking. Holmes stops listening. That's part of the problem. She doesn't want to hear anything Agostini says.

At the last meeting the superintendent confirmed no Second was necessary.

Then Holmes embarrassed herself by asking if Agostini had a reason for wanting the item removed.

THAT IS THE WRONG QUESTION, and she has no right or duty ot ask it. 

Holmes should have called for Discussion, explaining that no second was required. Then, during discussion, Agostini would have explained. The only thing that Agostini needed to say was that there were serious errors in the Minutes. And the Board then should have approved her secondary motion. That item would then be off the Consent Agenda and handled separately, after the remaining Consent Agenda was approved.

Agostini withdrew her motion, suggesting that the board should learn how to handle a Board member's request to remove an item from the Consent Agenda.

Holmes said it was addressed properly.


And then Holmes asked for a Motion on the Consent Agenda. Holmes cannot even keep track of what's happening. Why not???

If you ever want to know whether Holmes has been wrong about something, ask her. I'm sure she'll tell you she has never been wrong!