Thursday, December 16, 2021

Fights at Richland 2 Schools

Today I heard that there are channels on social media for the fights at Richland 2 schools.

Today I sent the following email to the members of the school board, including trustees-elect Holmes and McKie.

Members of the Board,

I hope you are getting daily updates from Administration on the number of fights every day at each school.

These fights must be stopped immediately. If they aren't, the severity of them will increase.

Teachers should not be expected to intervene. Their only duty should be to summon law-enforcement (SROs and 9-1-1) and to direct other students to leave the area, removing the audience of the combatants.

Are you aware of the channels on social media where fight videos are being posted by students?

If you hear of any fights or recordings of fights, please email them to all board members and request that immediate action be taken to restore safe conditions in Richland 2 schools.

Teachers and other staff should not be expected to expose themselves to injury by interfering or attempting to stop fights. All they should do is summon the SRO and dial 9-1-1, then encourage non-combatants to leave the area. 

Comments from students, teachers and staff are invited. Post them below. If you fear retaliation by posting with your name, email your comments to for publication without your name.

If you want to provide information to me but not have it published, email me. Confidentiality is assured.

Early Dismissal - Dec. 17 - - WHY?

The District calendar indicates that schools will release students early tomorrow, Friday, December 17.


Winter Break - formerly known as Christmas Break - starts Monday, December 20. Christmas is not until Saturday, December 25. Schools are closed for two full weeks.

Why isn't December 17th a full day?

When the yearly schedule was planned, did anyone take in consideration that parents of many (most?) Richland 2 students are working? Will a parent have to take a day off? Without pay? How understanding are employers?

On the District's homepage it reads, 

"Early Dismissal Middle & 
Elementary Schools: 10:50 AM
Middle, 11:30 AM Elem"

Do you think anyone bothered to proofread that? Does it make sense to anyone?

Are middle school students released at 10:50 or 11:30? What about High School students?

Will a parent bother to send a kid to school for 2½-3 hours?