Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Davis Disrespects Trustee during Board Meeting

 Tonight's school board meeting was a total embarrassment to intelligent people. 

The Inspirational Moment was presented by trustee-elect (she still have never taken the oath of office legally, and the $51,000 judgment against her to the S.C. Ethics Commission is still on record) Amelia McKie. I wonder who wrote what she read. Shadd had put her in charge of the inspiration moments, which meant she was supposed to line up someone from the community to give a brief inspirational moment. She used is as a stage to run on and on about "a special time like this". 

Mrs. Roof read 24 comments from the public, including two that urged the board not to approve Policy BEDGA.

When proposed policy BEDGA was brought up for approval, Mrs. Agostini made a motion to send it to the South Carolina Attorney General for an Opinion. In other words, is it legal?

Manning was questioned about whether he had gotten Board approval, before he went to the attorney for the District to have it drafted. (He hadn't.) It was obvious he didn't like being questioned about that (again).

Mrs. Agostini explained why she had gone to the Attorney General's Office. The A.G.  didn't have an exact answer, and both Shadd and Baron Davis trotted down the wrong path by referring to a legal opinion from the A.G. on a different matter. Baron Davis was very disrespectful to Mrs. Agostini with several comments, and he rambled on and on defending himself and disrespecting Mrs. Agostini.

I'll be replaying the meeting and reporting on his exact words. He obviously has never worked in the real world, where a company official would never voice such disrespect to a member of a Board of Directors. 

Of course, Baron's pay is secure now until, what is it? - 2024. So even if he gets canned, it's probably cheaper to pay off his employment contract than to fight him ovewr firing him. 

If I owned a company that employed him, he would have been fired a long time ago.

To just put the cards on the table, he doesn't like me, and I don't like him.