Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Holmes grad school corrected

Previously I wrote that Teresa Holmes' board chair bio on the District's website described her Ed.S and Ed.D. degrees as being from North Central University.

North Central University is an accredited bricks-and-mortar institution in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 1930. It is a private Christian university that is associated with the Assemblies of God. It grants degrees in religious majors. It does not award degrees of Ed.S. and Ed.D.

My request resulted in a change, but not correction, of Holmes' degrees to being from NorthCentral University. So I wrote back. Close, but still not correct.

The District's website has now been corrected to show her degrees as being from Northcentral University. It is a private online school in San Diego, Calif. Its programs are offered online only.  

Wkipedia reports on Northcentral University with:

"In 2011 the US Department of Education determined Northcentral was one of 75 US institutions failing its 2009-2010 financial responsibility test (a measure of the institution's financial solvency), and would be required to post a letter of credit in order for students to receive federal financial aid.[11] Northcentral also failed its 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 financial responsibility tests, scoring zero for 2010-2011 on a scale of -1 to 3, lower than the 0.2 it earned the prior term; 0.2 for 2011-2012; and 0.2 again for 2012-2013.[12] In 2015 the US Department of Education placed Northcentral on "HCM-Cash Monitoring 1" status because of its financial issues.[13]

"In 2019, the National University System (California) acquired Northcentral University, in effect, converting Northcentral University into a non-profit institution. [6] " [Footnotes in the original; not copied here]

Academics and financial condition would not be necessarily related.

Superintendent's Contract - no date

Carelessness occurred with the superintendent's contract amendment, when it was signed recently. Holmes signed for the Board, and McKie witnessed the document. What was the carelessness?

All three forgot to insert the day in September 2021 when it was signed. It reads, "IN WITNESS WHEREOF, on September ___, 2021 the Board caused this Fifth Amendment to be approved on its behalf by its duly authorized Chair, and the Superintendent has approved this amendment."

Does that mean it is not in effect?

The other "minor" problem is that the signers for the District are not legitimate board members. Holmes is not the legitimate Board Chair, because she is not a legitimate member of the board. McKie is not the legitimate Board Secretary, because she is not a legitimate member of the board. Neither Holmes nor McKie has ever taken the oath of office legally.

One of these days Holmes and McKie will be removed from the board, and all the days between November 13, 2018 and the date of removal will be considered a period when they were not board members. Every vote, action and document will have to be reviewed. All the votes of Holmes and McKie will have to be removed. Board decisions will change. 

Bond documents with their signatures will have to be re-done.

The superintendent's contract and emendments will have to be re-done. The superintendent is a smart guy about his own contract and money. He ought to be insisting on signatures of legitimate board officers, for his own protection and that of his estate, should he die before the expiry of the contract. He has $367,329 ($244,886 x 1.5) at risk. Would he want his family to have to fight for it?

Teresa's signature is interesting. She signed the contract with a nearly-illegible signature, "Dr. Teresa Holmes". Hmmm, does her birth certificate say "Dr." on it? 

The document reads that it is signed by the "duly authorized" chair. Did anyone hear a motion by the board that authorized Holmes to sign the amendment to the contract?

Why Teachers Hunker Down

Remember when so many teachers showed up at school board meetings when Red4Ed was clamoring for (what was it?)? Oh, yes; money. And when most of the board supported the walk-out planned for May 1 that year and even said they'd be at the demonstration? And all Richland 2 schools were forced to close on one-day notice?

The trustees forgot that they are Management, not Labor!

Read this article about Louisian Spanish teacher Jonathan Koeppel. He was fired for refusing to wear a mask, even though he had a medical exemption. What he was really fired for, according to him, was his conservative views. He opposes Critical Race Theory and Gender Dysphoria. He spoke out at school board meetings.

Danger, danger, danger. And he uses bad words, too; like, "indoctrinating kids".

He is suing in Federal District Cover to get his job back or compensation for its loss.

Thi article appears in The Daily Signal, a publication of The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C.

Where are the Richland 2 teachers and administrators at school board meetings? Are they choosing job security and a paycheck over their First Amendment rights to speak out? That's not a choice they should have to make!