Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Holmes grad school corrected

Previously I wrote that Teresa Holmes' board chair bio on the District's website described her Ed.S and Ed.D. degrees as being from North Central University.

North Central University is an accredited bricks-and-mortar institution in Minneapolis, Minnesota, founded in 1930. It is a private Christian university that is associated with the Assemblies of God. It grants degrees in religious majors. It does not award degrees of Ed.S. and Ed.D.

My request resulted in a change, but not correction, of Holmes' degrees to being from NorthCentral University. So I wrote back. Close, but still not correct.

The District's website has now been corrected to show her degrees as being from Northcentral University. It is a private online school in San Diego, Calif. Its programs are offered online only.  

Wkipedia reports on Northcentral University with:

"In 2011 the US Department of Education determined Northcentral was one of 75 US institutions failing its 2009-2010 financial responsibility test (a measure of the institution's financial solvency), and would be required to post a letter of credit in order for students to receive federal financial aid.[11] Northcentral also failed its 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 financial responsibility tests, scoring zero for 2010-2011 on a scale of -1 to 3, lower than the 0.2 it earned the prior term; 0.2 for 2011-2012; and 0.2 again for 2012-2013.[12] In 2015 the US Department of Education placed Northcentral on "HCM-Cash Monitoring 1" status because of its financial issues.[13]

"In 2019, the National University System (California) acquired Northcentral University, in effect, converting Northcentral University into a non-profit institution. [6] " [Footnotes in the original; not copied here]

Academics and financial condition would not be necessarily related.

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