Sunday, May 22, 2022

Inflation Survey

Following is a portion of an email I received from Hillsdale College (Mich.) asking for opinions on inflation.

Take a couple of minutes and complete this short survey.

Be sure to sign up for their free bulletin, Imprimis.

Inflation is on the rise in America. And there’s no sign of it slowing down.

Economic historian John Steele Gordon discussed inflation in a recent issue of Imprimis, Hillsdale College’s digest of liberty. And he noted that adding trillions more to the national debt is not the solution but will only make the problem worse.

Nevertheless, support for socialism and other ideologies destructive of the free market also appears to be on the rise in our country, especially among younger Americans.

That’s why you’re receiving this email today.

Hillsdale College seeks to understand more clearly what Americans think about our nation’s economy and the inflation we’re experiencing. And I’m hoping you can help by completing our National Survey on Inflation in the United States using the secure link below: 

Open Letter to the School Board

The following email has been sent to the Richland 2 School Board:

Members of the board,

What's wrong with the first two paragraphs in The State's article, first published about May 8th and re-published today in the eEdition of The State on Page 6A at 

The original article and the reprint say three board members were involved: 1. The board chair (reporting); 2. "another board member"; and 3. "one of her (the chair's) colleagues".

Is the RCSD report, on which that article is apparently based, correct?

Is that what Holmes told the deputy?

Did the deputy misunderstand Holmes?

Did the reporter misunderstand the RCSD report?

I urge you to open a formal public hearing into the April 28 meeting. Why has the District's Media Relations Department been silent? It certainly had a lot to say after the January 25th incident.

Was the executive session a legal closed session? The Motion was faulty. You can't go into a closed meeting for a "meeting". You can't meet privately to organize a Committee. Please get an expert opinion from someone entirely independent of the District.

To what extent, if any, did Holmes initiate the resulting conflict? Why did she laugh while Lashonda was speaking?

Why would Teresa call Lashona "honey"?

Why would Teresa taunt Lashonda with "Little girl, little girl, little girl"?

Why would Teresa say, “And what you gonna do, booSo, what you gonna do? Do it! Do it!”

Why didn't Holmes immediately call a Recess?

Why did Holmes egg Mrs. McFadden on?

You can't pick a fight and then cry "Victim".

Trustee McFadden has made a genuine and heartfelt apology to Holmes and all.

Yet, there hasn't been a peep out of Holmes.

I urge you to remove Holmes as Chair immediately, even though only five weeks remain in the School Year. And certainly you should not elect her as an officer for the coming School Year.

Gus Philpott

The State re-publishes erroneous account

Why would The State newspaper re-publish an erroneous account of the blow-out at the April 28 executive session (assuming it was even a legal executive session) at that day's special-called board meeting.

In the May 22, 2022 "e-edition" of The State, viewable on, the original article by reporter Bristow Marchant is re-published.

Did The State make errors in the first two paragraphs? 

Or did Teresa Holmes make a false report to the Richland County Sheriff's Department?

The first two paragraphs read:

"The chairwoman of the Richland 2 school board filed a police report claiming that another board member threatened to beat one of her colleagues during a heated exchange at a board meeting last week, according to the report. 
"Chairwoman Teresa Holmes filed the report with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department after a special called meeting April 28, during which another board member reportedly cursed another member and threatened to “beat (a third board member's body part),” according to the report."

When I read the first newspaper article, about May 8th, I thought that three board members were involved: 1. Chair Holmes; 2. "another board member"; and 3. "one of her colleagues".

Pretty quickly I guessed that only two board members were involved: Teresa Holmes and someone else. Why else would Holmes be filing a report with the sheriff's department, just to tattle on two different board members?

And that is exactly how it turns out. Holmes accused McFadden.

Did the reporter mis-read the sheriff's department report? Or is the RCSD report wrong?

I'm still waiting for the sheriff's department to respond to my FOIA Request for the report itself. They gave it to The State. So where is my copy?

This all brought back to mind the false report on file with the sheriff's department after Holmes complained on March 19, 2019 that I had been harassing her. The deputy's report contained many false statements, which is why the case stopped abruptly when I pointed out the lies.

Did the deputy misunderstand each of Holmes' statements on March 19, 2019? Or did Holmes lie when she complained to the deputy? 

Unfortunately, the deputy failed to collect a written statement from Holmes. Had he done so, and if her written statement included each of the lies in the deputy's report, I would have had Holmes charged with Filing a False Report with police.

I can't wait to read the deputy's report of Holmes' complaint on April 28, 2022. I hope this time they collected a written statement from her!