Friday, October 2, 2020

How could "black" for freshmen be a problem?

Blythewood High School ...

Spirit Week ...

During the week before the homecoming game, The State newspaper reported that "students were asked to wear different colors for their class — 

gold for seniors, 

white for juniors, 

blue for sophomores and 

black for freshmen."

Now I know that school administrators are overworked, overwhelmed, stretched beyond limits - - can't have open schools, but let's have a football game.

What could possibly go wrong with picking "black" as the color for freshmen? I guess there was no time to think through that one.

Maybe administrators at Blythewood H.S. should be in the sights of the District Administration, not a freshman student.

What, exactly, did that freshman post on social media that provoked a two-page press release by the District? And what did the Blythewood H.S. principal put in his "oh, I'm so sorry" letter to parents?

Does anyone know? If you'll let me know, I'll post it right here, so all lcan know. Email it to  (I'll leave your name out.)